Ritual: Sorcerer Angel Review (Switch)

Game: Ritual: Sorcerer Angel
Genre: Action, Arcade, Role-Playing, Shooter
System: Nintendo Switch (also on Steam, mobile)
Developer|Publisher: Hexage
Age Rating: EU 12+| US T
Price: $9.99 US | £8.99 | € 9,99
Release Date: 13th September 2019

Review code courtesy of Hexage.

The Sacrifice

Ritual is an action arcade type game placing you in the middle of a world in turmoil. An angel has just dodged becoming a ritual sacrifice by taking refuge in your human body. A group of human Cultists are bound and determined to finish what they started, meaning you will have to be sacrificed as well. You  must stay one step ahead to avoid your demise. Good thing you have the Angel on your side!

Ritual plunged me right into the middle of a developing plot from the very beginning. The art style immediately drew me in and the play style was unique and engaging. There was a little bit of a learning curve for me to figure out the best way to spec my character for maximum damage, but nothing that turned me off from continuing my quest to save the land. The areas became increasingly difficult and required a bit more strategy each time, which kept my interest.

Ultimate Carnage

The beginning levels offer a great tutorial on basic controls and strategies. There are only 2 action buttons you will need to fight mobs, which nicely simplifies things especially in the later levels which can become quite chaotic. Something I found unique is that your character increases in skill level throughout each individual area/battle by collecting Mana. Mana is found around the area and also drops from mobs once they’ve been defeated. Don’t try to fight a mob higher in level than you or it will mean certain death! In each new area you enter, you will start back at skill level 1. An area is cleared once a portal appears and, upon entering the portal, you are met with more story dialogue and return to the map screen to enter the next unlocked level.

After completing certain areas, you will unlock active and passive skills that can be customized throughout your journey. At first, I found myself increasingly annoyed with the behavior of my character in battles, especially finding trouble with hordes above my level. After checking my specs though, I realized I could change that behavior by applying different active skills and really enjoyed things after that. It really is important to constantly check in on the skills you unlock and armor yourself appropriately!

Final Thoughts

For the most part, I really enjoyed Ritual. I liked the art style and game mechanics. I did find myself having a hard time following the story as the game progressed, but it wasn’t so much of a hindrance that I wanted to quit the game altogether. Some of the later levels became very chaotic and could be frustrating, which isn’t my particular cup of tea. However, anyone looking for a game loaded with action and strategy will really enjoy Ritual!

Verdict: I like it

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