Road to Ballhalla – Review

Game: Road to Ballhalla
System: Nintendo Switch
Developer: Torched Hill
Publisher: tinyBuild Games
Age Rating:  E for Everyone
Price: $14.99/ £13.49
Release Date: 08/02/18

Overall Feeling: I’m not sure

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In the Road to Ballhalla you roll a ball through obstacles, solve puzzles, while listening to electronic music. Along the way there are silly puns, advice, and sometimes traps.

picking a puzzle

No Nonsense!

The game is a straight forward puzzle game. There isn’t any story line or side quests. The graphics are simple and bright.  The color coding is easy to understand. You are introduced little by little to new obstacles and challenges. There are customization options to unlock for the ball as you progress. It becomes challenging as you continue through the game.

Ha Ha You Fell!

Along the way there are silly messages. Sometimes they are simply explaining a new obstacle. Other times it will lead you astray. It isn’t an all-knowing text. Then it makes fun of you when you do something wrong. The text was nice touch to the game.


The music was disappointing for me. I really enjoy music based games so I was initially interested. Road to Ballhalla really pushes the fact that it is a rhythm based game and has music written by a Emmy-nominated composer. Although it wasn’t my cup of tea it might be for someone else.

It was okay

If you’re a puzzle lover or a fan of Marble Madness it is worth trying.  I do feel the price is high for its minimal design. Also the music was a let down for me. Although a decent game otherwise.

I’m not sure

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