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RoboSync Review

Game: RoboSync
Genre: Puzzle
System: Steam (Windows)
Developer|Publisher: Giant Warrior Studio
Controller Support: Full
Price: UK £2.49 | US $2.99 | EU € 2,99
Release Date: March 11th, 2024

A review code was provided, with many thanks to Giant Warrior Studio.

RoboSync is a puzzle game that is made of 40 short robot puzzles. In order to win, you need to manipulate your robot to open doors, push buttons, and make it possible for your other robots to do their jobs.

The Gameplay of RoboSync

RoboSync is pretty simple by way of gameplay; you can really only move back and forth to interact with buttons that will open doors and move obstacles for the on-rails robots in the levels above you. You will have to time their movements, so they push buttons or touch other objects at the same time.

A Robosync level.
For example, you can see the two robots moving along the two top levels of the building; you have a wall that will stop the second-level robot in its tracks for long enough to get the two robots in sync so they can hit the red buttons on the left at the same time.

The rules are pretty simple: move through the level to make the robots above open the door to the end of the level. There are a total of 40 levels, and each gets consecutively more complex as you go through them. Level 40 is a doozy in comparison to the earlier levels; check out the screenshot below to see what I mean:

A Robosync level.
I’m getting dizzy just looking at it.

While there is a level list, you can do them in any order if you think the earlier levels are too easy for you. I like that the developers allow you to skip levels you don’t like or just can’t seem to beat in that way as well. The controls of RoboSync are pretty basic, making it an ideal game for those who don’t want to learn a whole bunch of keybinds.

Depending on how fast you solve the level, you will get rewarded with up to three stars, giving you the incentive to do all the levels more than once. This means you’ll get some replay out of the 40 levels, making it more like completing 80. RoboSync also has an in-level reset button, so you can make sure to restart the level very quickly and easily. There is even a speed-up button.

Simple but Complex at the Same Time

While the rules of RoboSync are pretty simple, it becomes really obvious by level three that these puzzles will go way beyond challenging in spite of the simple premise. Level 20 has you trying to wrangle four robots into moving in sync. RoboSync challenges you to use the rulers along the back walls to ensure that your robots will all press those red buttons at the same time.

A Robosync level.
Ahh, too many robots!

Not only that, you get special kudos for completing the level faster and with more precision, like if you get all your robots perfectly synced up for that level. Stars and syncing robots will get you Steam achievements, which is enough to light up the happy center of your brain. Nothing like a challenging task completed well to give you the boost of the good chemicals.

A Robosync level ending.
Yes, three more stars!

Old-School Pixel Art

I’m a sucker for pixelated graphics that are still somehow modern and colorful. I love the look of Robotsync; it has the vibe of an older game without the jank that usually comes with it. RoboSync runs really well, and it looks and sounds wonderful.

I really enjoyed my time with the game, even though I didn’t get the opportunity to try all 40 levels. It’s a very well-polished and well-made little game, and I am very happy I got the opportunity to play it.

A Robosync level.
Go, little robot, go.


RoboSync is a short, sweet puzzle game that is cheap and offers a unique little gaming experience. It’s fun, challenging, and simple to learn. If you enjoy these kinds of puzzles that hyperfocus on one type of puzzle, you will most likely get a kick out of RoboSync.

Final Verdict: I Like it a Lot
I like it a lot

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