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Being in finances myself I’m always interested in Nintendo’s financial briefing. I covered it when the sales figures of March 30 were shown, and now we have the new facts and figures.

As you can see, the Switch is doing well. At the end of March, the new console/handheld device had sold 2,74 million units. Now, 6 months later and despite shortages in stocks, they sold 7,63 million units. Almost 5 million units sold in 6 months! Even the sales of devices in the 3DS family went up, from 66,12 million units to now 68,98 million. The WiiU didn’t sell anymore, no surprise there. Sales figures Nintendo Q3

When it comes to software sales, it was no surprise to me which Switch game was sold most often: Zelda Breath of the Wild for Switch was sold 4,7 million times, with Mario Kart 8 DeLuxe in second place with 4,42 million pieces. Not bad, considering that we already had a Mario Kart 8 on the WiiU! Splatoon was third with 3,61 million copies sold.

Zelda BOTW screenshot

Sales of 3DS titles was interesting too.

  1. Pokémon X/Pokémon Y (16.20 million pcs.)
  2. Mario Kart 7 (15.95 million pcs.)
  3. Pokémon Sun/ Pokémon Moon (15.91 million pcs.)

  4. Pokémon Omega Ruby/ Pokémon Alpha Sapphire (13.85 million pcs.)

  5. New Super Mario Bros. 2 (11.73 million pcs.)

  6. Super Mario 3D Land (11.40 million pcs.)

  7. Animal Crossing: New Leaf (11.23 million pcs.)

Can you see why Nintendo is always happy to release a Pokémon game?


  1. And that’s why I don’t see Pokemon leaving the 3DS quite yet. Not until there is a less expensive version of the Switch available. Maybe they’ll do something like they did years ago with Pokemon Mystery Dungeon at the time that the DS was being introduced. One version (red rescue team?) came out on the GBA and the accompanying version (blue rescue team?) came out on the DS.

    1. Clever way to market a game then! I didn’t know that, but a good way to get interest in a new console based on the sure hit of a Pokémon game.

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