Savannah’s Old World Charm

Leaving the Great Smoky Mountains and Tennessee behind, we crossed to the country to reach the East shore of the Atlantic Ocean in Georgia. Our destination this time was the city of Savannah, lying on the shore of the Savannah River. Only 385 mile to the east from  Garlinburg, but an entirely different world. No more country music and no more “y’all come back now”.

Savannah is the oldest city in Georgia and it shows. The cobbled streets and the Victorian houses in the city center are a sight to see. There where 22 parks, all aligned in a symmetrical way. It seems this is the way the city was built starting back in 1773: first it was laid out around four squares, with blocks of houses and civic buildings around them. When that was all taken up, more squares were added in the same way. Somehow they convey old world charm, a romantic sense of nostalgia. These so called Squares of Savannah are all green, lush and very well maintained.

imageJust outside of the city we visited the Wormslow Historic Site, the remains of the estate established by one of Georgia’s colonial founders, Noble Jones. The ruins of his house, the museum, the overview over the marshes and especially the 1,5 mile long oak avenue where beautiful. An unexpected reprieve from city life! And I bet Noble Jones couldn’t have imagined that his former house would be a Pokégym! image

Savannah is a beautiful city and an important seaport. The River Front was a busy street with lots of tourists that didn’t hold much attraction for us, but it did offer the most impressive sight: horns tooted, and a huge ocean going freighter piled up high with cargo containers glided over the river towards open sea. imageAn entirely different experience, Savannah, but a great one!



  1. Savannah is about 4 hours from where I live, so my husband and I took a spontaneous road trip there for our anniversary back in July! It was REALLY HOT, but we spent the day walking around and enjoying the sights and shops. it is a very nice place!

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