School of Magic RPG gets working title Spellbound

It’s a good time for Harry Potter fans. A couple of weeks ago I told you about Wizards Unite, or Harry Potter Go, as it’s poplularly referred to. It will be fun to bounce your spells through your living rooms on you smartphone. But let’s not forget the makers of Stardew Valley are also cooking up a wizardry inspired RPG.

Last month magazine PCGamer had an interview with the CEO of Chucklefish, Finn Brice, to see how the new RPG is coming along. The Magic School RPG got the working title Spellbound. It’s still early in the development, it still could take some years to release the game.

When it comes to world building, Brice says the game is pretty far along. “We have an entire game world, and in fact the entire game world minus a couple of areas is entirely explorable, and you can move around it. We have our entire cast of characters. We know far too much about all of their personalities.”

That’s one of the aspects that are typically Chucklefish: the characters that inhabit their game worlds aren’t mindless pixels that tend to repeat themselves. I see it in Stardew too, where you meet a heavily drinking loud mouthed woman, a recluse that is sure he isn’t welcome anywhere, a grumpy elderly invalid guy and many more.

They are busy thinking out amusing situations that these characters  will find themselves in. They want to surprise and offer players a world away from their own. Artist and designer Jay Baylis told PCGamer: We want people to say, ‘oh, this is too real. I play this game for escapism and I feel like an awkward teenager going to school again!”

Sounds like we have another good game to look forward too. Although, as far as I’ve seen, there’s no mention about the game coming to the gaming consoles too. If you want to read the entire interesting article, you can find it here.



  1. Sounds neat! I’d like to play it when it comes out. I’ve been a sucker for slice-of-life stuff with some fantastical elements as of late, so it seems like something I’d enjoy.

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