Seaberry Keep Impression

Seaberry Keep Impressions

Review code provided with many thanks to Cozy Strawberry.

Seaberry Keep is an adorable point-and-click game in a cartoonish style. This game is all about everything that is good and cute.

The Story of Seaberry Keep

Players are a small ghost who have just met an ice cream butterfly named Strawberry. This little helpful critter and you go on an adventure to find some help for another little friend that has fallen into a hole. This adventure will take you all over this magical land, introducing you to other ghosts, unicorns, bunnies, and everything in the whole world that is cute.

Seaberry Keep Impression
Help out your friends and explore this cute little world. What’s not to love?

The entire world of Seaberry Keep is delightfully childish and brilliantly colorful. Everything is happy, bouncing, and beautiful. NPCs sing songs that are soft and pretty, and the whole little world is one of good vibes and even better friends.

Seaberry Keep Impression
Players can move from room to room, chatting with NPCs and solving simple puzzles.

The Game is For Kids

While this game looks like a kid’s game, it appears to 100% be a kid’s game. I was expecting some sort of twist, Doki Doki Literature Club-style. However, it is wholesome all the way through so far. This little game is about helping people, meeting friends, and teaching kids how to play games.

Seaberry Keep Impression
Always save your game!

It features simple puzzles and a narrator that reads everything out loud. There are also a whole bunch of rooms with moveable stickers that let the players decorate how they want to.

Seaberry Keep Impression
Find all the hidden ghosts.

It also features a whole bunch of really adorable little “choices” that don’t change much about the story, but it makes the world feel more like you have some autonomy in it. Most of these choices have to do with eating whatever delicious-looking food you find lying around this delightful world.

Seaberry Keep Impression
Most of the choices are pretty simple, and adorable.

The Humor of Seaberry Keep

These jokes are definitely made for kids. When players come across this ghostly friend, the first thing they say is “This chair was on fire when I got here.” It made me laugh, but it’s also just the kind of thing that would make my young nieces and nephew roll around on the floor giggling. I found myself smiling throughout the length of my playthrough. I didn’t finish the game, but everything seemed to be very cozy and pure without any crass humour or adult jokes.

Seaberry Keep Impression
I didn’t start this fire, I promise.

More About Seaberry Keep

This game is weirdly huge. I was expecting a tiny little game with a handful of choices and a small map. But it just kept going and going. Players get to meet new friends and help them out, socialize with them, and even fetch quest a parrot some cookies.

Seaberry Keep Impression
Gotta help everyone out with their chores. And eat more cookies.

This is the coziest, purest little game I’ve ever played, and I want to buy it for every single child I know. I can’t even begin to explain how absolutely wholesome this whole experience was. There was a surprising amount of polish here too; don’t let the childish look of the game fool you. The sound design is good, the characters are adorable, and the movement and progression make sense and are smooth.

Seaberry Keep Impression
Find and wake the bunnies so the unicorn can do the laundry without accidentally hurting a bunny.

Some other things I love about this game:

  • Bunnies.
  • Decorating my room with stickers of butterflies and stars.
  • Decorating this garden and the frog in it:
Seaberry Keep Impression
You get to decorate the insides of loads of rooms with little doodles of plants, stickers, food, and other cute drawings.
  • The little hide-and-seek games.
  • The fetch quests.
  • The lovely voice actress basically did all the voices.
  • The songs.

So Cute

This game is SO CUTE. I was like the little girl in Despicable Me that is shaking the unicorn and yelling “it’s so fluffy!” at literally everything in this game. While I was way out of the demographic this game is obviously targeting, I was able to embrace my inner child and really dive into this game.

Seaberry Keep seems to be for children of the Blue Clues age group, and I would recommend this little game to anyone who wants to teach their little babies to play video games with them.

You can find the Seaberry Keep Steam page here. 

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