Seeing the US through Dutch eyes: ending on a high in Denver

Our last destination was Denver, from where we would fly home to Schiphol Airport in Amsterdam. Now Denver is unlike any city I’ve seen. The 16th Street Mall, running from one end of the city center to the other, seems to attract all kinds of activity and people. The trolley bus runs continuously from one end to the other for free, the middle strip of the street had little terraces to sit, special tables to play chess ( if you bring the set yourself) and there are even piano’s just standing there, waiting to be played on. The street attracts tourists, artists, musicians, and unfortunately beggars too. The thing is, there’s always something to do. You can just sit there on a terrace with a cup coffee and enjoy yourself watching people. It’s vibrant and never boring. The perfect place to end the holiday.Denver, 16th street, Mile high

It was a great trip, we saw so many beautiful things, did some relaxing stuf and generally had a good time. The relaxing part didn’t have any gaming in it, which is a normal pattern for me while on holiday. I do take my 3 3DS’s ( my husband asked me if I’d lost my mind when he saw them in my luggage) but of course I do want the streetpass hits. But I only played games in the plane, no more then that. Hardly saw any games being sold either, by the way. Just a small selection at the Walmart, but I didn’t encounter a single GameStop or other gaming store. Instead of gaming, I read a lot: finished 10 books in my Kindle app. Who could have thought years back, when I was trying to fit all my books for the holiday in a suitcase that it would be so easy? I found a good new mystery writer with a lot of humor on day one, and downloaded all her books in the course of the trip. And even though the books only cost me $1,16 per piece, it made me feel very rich to have them all at my fingertips!Vanessa Bartel,

We have come to the end of our holiday, and the end of our trip in the U.S. What a wonderful time we have had, and I want to thank you for making the journey with us. Because I know most of you follow my blog because of the gaming, and this was something quite different, there was hardly any gaming involved!

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