Seeing the US through Dutch eyes: Page and the Navajo Nation

Leaving the Grand Canyon, we drove to our next destination, the Red Rock country around Page, Arizona. Somehow it was appropriate, as we’re kind off following the Colorado River upstream to the Rocky Mountains. While we still had woods up to the Rim of the Grand Canyon, now we drove into a desert landscape. The kind we recognized from western movies, and in its own way, beautiful too. The times zones had us baffled for a moment: unlike New Mexico Arizona doesn’t participate in time savings, but soon we drove into the Navajo Nation, where they did. So, at the border of Arizona -1 hr, in the Navajo +1 hr, but in Page it was -1 hr again. A good thing our cars’ clock kept us up to date!

US travels, Glen Canyon Dam, Lake PowellWe visited several wonders here: the Glen Canyon Dam, a man made wonder. Lake Powell was formed over the course of years after the Dam was made in the Colorado River. Funny idea too, that when we come from a town that’s more then 750 years old, the town of Page was made purposefully to accommodate the Dams construction workers, and has only existed for some 50 years.

Traveling US, Horseshoe Bend, Colorado RiverHorseshoe BendHorseshoe Bend is a sight to behold, and all natures own doing. The Colorado River makes a loop there, and the red rocks make such a stark contrast with the blue and green of the river. What a sight it must be to look at it when you’re down on the river! Sort of like seeing the Argonath on Tolkiens Anduin River. After walking about 1,5 mile to get to the bend through the desert in the hot sun, part of it up the hill ( going back, which makes it even worse) I was a sight to behold too by the way.

Antelope Canyon, Traveling US, Kens toursAntelope CanyonThe last wonder we saw was the Lower Antelope Canyon. The colors where amazing, every picture you took showed a different hue, and the sense you got of being so far underground was impressive. Our Indian guide told us a bit more about the Navajo Nation too. Being a European I had no idea that the Navajo nation 71.000 km2 and occupies portions of northeastern Arizona, southeastern Utah, and northwestern New Mexico in the United States. It is the largest land area retained by a U.S. tribe (larger then West Virginia) and it’s managed as a sovereign Indian nation. The Navajo call themselves Diné, meaning The People. Didn’t know either that the Hopi reservation ( we saw the Hopi Dancers in the Grand Canyon) was inside the borders of the Navajo Nation, but that they aren’t part of the Nation. See, you learn new things everyday!Navajo, Diné, US travel

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  1. I traveled to Arizona for the first time last year, or maybe not exactly because I’ve been to the Grand Canyon a few times just from Nevada, but it was a solo trip and I had an amazing time. I’ve been to Horseshoe Bend and Antelope Canyon. Truly beautiful places to see, which is better to see in person than in pictures! Being around all these natural wonders really is inspiring and it’s a reminder of how precious our world is. I’m glad you’re enjoying your tour of the western United States! 🙂

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