Seeing the US through Dutch eyes: the Hall of Fame

In the month July I talked a lot on my site, but hardly any of the articles was about gaming. For almost four weeks I kept you up to date about our travels in the MidWestern USA, visiting breathtaking sights and doing lots of fun stuff. Aside from making thousands of pictures, wonderful memories were made and they will stay with us no matter what the future brings.

To make the transition to being home again, and back to the normal routine, a little easier, we tend to collect souvenirs in every place we stay. Sometimes beautiful posters, sometimes stickers and magnets and sometimes the run of the mill souvenir stuff that you find in every tourist spot. Every item holds special memories for us!

These things will get their own place of honor in our bookcase, where I dedicate one shelf to them for the next year, until the next holiday comes along. And I thought it fitting to end my series of articles of “Seeing the US through Dutch eyes” with a picture of this Hall of Fame! USA, US, Dutch eyes, memories

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  1. Oh my gosh, what a wonderful thing to do! I love your tradition of having a shelf dedicated to the holiday, and then refreshing it each year with the new journey.

    If I ever get to take another vacation, I will do this as well!

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