Short Games to Enjoy over the Holidays

December is here. It’s time for cold weather, early nights, little twinkling lights and family gatherings. Maybe you want to game in between all the family holiday gatherings and don’t have much time.

So we’ve come up with some ideas for folks short on gaming time. Games that you can fit in and finish in a few hours. All these games have been tried and tested by the team at LadiesGamers!

A Short Hike

Hike, climb, and soar through the peaceful mountainside landscapes of Hawk Peak Provincial Park as you make your way to the summit. You play as Clair, a young bluebird on holiday. Clair is uneasy, expecting an important phone call but has no reception. Finally, her Aunt May suggests that Clair hikes to Hawk Peak Provincial Park as the only place with reception is the Peak’s top.

Follow the marked trails or explore the backcountry as you make your way to the summit. Along the way, meet other hikers, discover hidden treasures, and take in the world around you. When focusing on the main objectives, A Short Hike is about 1½ Hours long. You can find our review of A Short Hike here. 

Haven Park

Haven park Switch LadiesGamers

In Haven Park, you play as a little yellow chick named Flint. Flint’s Grandma has become too old to look after the picturesque island and the surrounding holiday camps. So Flint is asked to patch up the run-down camps and make the island a fun destination for travellers.

haven Park LadiesGamers

Learn the camper’s wishes, build whatever their hearts desire to attract even more quirky characters, and look forward to whimsical conversations and quests. Get to know the campers and learn more about the forest’s old stories. Haven Park is a place to relax, enjoy, make your own. Haven Park has around 3 hours of playtime. You can read our Haven Park review here. 


Shindig LadiesGamers

Shindig is a sweet and short adventure where you roam around an island talking to all the animals, complete a few fetch quests and organise a party at the end.

Shindig LadiesGamers

You’ll help out a rainbow of quirky characters with their troubles, gather all the bits for a brilliant bash, and bring your new neighbourhood together for a festive party. It is a wholesome and uplifting experience visiting the various shops and chatting to each animal in turn. The game has a run time of about 3 hours. You can read our Shindig review here. 


Teacup LadiesGamers

Teacup is a short and wholesome narrative adventure game focusing on exploration and non-linear progression. In this short adventure game, you play the role of the titular Teacup. Teacup is a shy frog who loves nothing better than reading a good book and drinking her favourite beverage, Tea.

Teacup LadiesGamers

So a tea party has been arranged at Teacup’s house, unfortunately, the day before the party is to take place, Teacup realises she has a crisis on her webbed hands, she has run out of Tea! Teacup has a run time of around 2 hours. You can read our Teacup review here. 

LEGO Builder’s Journey

LEGO Builder’s Journey LadiesGamers

LEGO Builder’s Journey is a poetic puzzle that takes place in a LEGO brick world, brought to life with the most accurately rendered LEGO elements yet to feature on screens. You’ll be taken through a breathtaking world filled with brick-by-brick effects, accompanied by a beautiful soundtrack.

LEGO Builder’s Journey LadiesGamers

There will be ups and downs, challenges, and celebrations throughout the narrative. Taking the time to experiment, and most importantly, to play, as figuring out who we are and what we become is the Builder’s Journey. The game has a playtime of around 2 hours. You can read our review of LEGO Builder’s Journey here. 

Wind Peaks

Wind Peaks LadiesGamers

Wind Peaks is a searching game, with distinct hand-drawn cartoonish visuals, telling the story of a group of scouts that finds a map that guides them to a magical part of the forest. You’re given a set of items to find in the scene and must go looking for them, which seems pretty straightforward.

Wind Peaks LadiesGamers

Straightforward does not mean easy, however, as some items can be very well hidden at times. In addition, there are some interesting secrets to discover in some scenes that add a little extra to the game. Playtime for Wind Peaks is around 1 hour. You can read our Wind Peaks review here. 

Lost Words: Beyond the Page

Lost Words Beyond the Page LadiesGamers

Lost Words: Beyond the Page is an atmospheric puzzler, set between the pages of a diary and fantasy land, with a story written by Rhianna Pratchett, the writer of Tomb Raider, Rise of the Tomb Raider, and Mirror’s Edge.

A game of two tales, one of a young girl named Izzy. Izzy is incredibly close to her elderly grandmother, who unfortunately has had a stroke. Young Izzy goes through an emotional journey in the game.

Lost words beyond the Page LadiesGamers

The second tale that Lost Words: Beyond the Page wants to tell you is what Izzy is trying to write. Inspired by her grandmother’s advice, Izzy decides to write a fantasy story in her journal that takes place in the world of Estoria. Lost Words: Beyond the Page has a playtime that runs for around 4 hours. You can read our review of Lost Words: Beyond the Page here. 


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