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Shukuchi Ninja Review

Game: Shukuchi Ninja
Genre: Action, Platformer, Adventure, Fighting
System: Nintendo Switch (also available on Steam (Windows), PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X & Xbox)
Developer | Publisher:  2Awesome Studio, Fossilized Games | 2Awesome Studio
Age Rating: US  T | EU 12+
Price: US $4.99 | UK £4.49 | EU € 4,99
Release Date: March 31st, 2023

Review code used, with many thanks to 2Awesome Studio.

Lately, more challenging high-paced games are coming out, and Shukuchi Ninja is sure to test its player’s skills. Based in ancient Japan, you play as a Ninja exiled from his clan. Wanting to have a more honourable life, the exiled ninja has to travel to various areas while defeating his ninja enemies to bring peace to the land.

Shukuchi Ninja LadiesGamers
Fly around with high-speed attacks.

Shukuchi – Shrink Earth Method

The mechanics of this game are clear and straightforward but certainly are hard to control. To move and use our hero’s skills to clear each area, the player has to fling his body in the desired direction. Then the ninja will fly at high speed toward that direction. The twist is that after the first movement, it becomes more challenging to stop or change the direction of the ninja. While the ninja is rotating and thrown in a different direction, it is very easy to lose control and fall or crash into traps or pits.

It is a clever and interesting mechanic that seems unique in its own way. Still, sometimes it can bring more of a feeling of frustration instead of challenge or mastery. It is not only the lack of control over the character but also the UI that makes it complicated to adapt.

Shukuchi Ninja LadiesGamers
Be careful with the different ninjas and their unique attack patterns.

Abilities of a Ninja

Besides firing our ninja hero toward his enemies, he also has other abilities. He can teleport to a near enemy, hitting him simultaneously. This ability has a cooldown and is quite helpful, mainly when losing control of the character. His other ability is to throw shurikens at a near enemy, which sometimes can be hard to use with moving targets.

Combining the movement mechanic with these abilities, it becomes easy to defeat the enemies. The real threat, in the end, is the traps, the open spaces (be that in the ground or roof), and the uncontrollable movement of your character.

Shukuchi Ninja LadiesGamers
Survive enough time to beat the bosses.

Poor UI and Visuals

There is a nice design of different types of enemies and attack animations as well as different scenarios that change while progressing. Some of these animations could be better, though. For example, I would find myself dead constantly without being able to see what damaged me. Be that from a plant with a similar tone to the background or the tiles or a shuriken that is too small and almost invisible when it rains.

Besides that, it looked a little too simple, with an UI that didn’t wholly match or was clear enough to be helpful. Some aspects are appealing, but sadly these factors made it a bit annoying at times when almost by the end of a level.

Shukuchi Ninja LadiesGamers
Pay attention to the traps and attacks towards you. Especially when is too dark to see.

Concept and Music

While some aspects are imperfect, others felt more like matching the concept and the game itself. Usually, these games would not involve a story or a decent amount of content, but in Shukuchi Ninja, you have 70 levels with bosses and a plot to follow. In addition, the ninja sounds and the Japanese music are excellent and adds to the experience.


When playing Shukuchi Ninja, it would feel more like a mobile game. It could be because it is similar to an improvement of Angry Birds’ mechanic of fling or because it would fit with a touch screen feature. Still, it does bring an interesting concept to the consoles.

Even though it can be entertaining for a little while, it didn’t hook me like other high-paced platformer games do. However, some may feel challenged by mastering the controls of this game and becoming an expert in playing Shukuchi Ninja.

Final Verdict: I’m Not Sure

I'm not sure

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