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Smart Factory Tycoon Review

Game: Smart Factory Tycoon
Genre: Simulation, Strategy, Indie
System: Steam (Windows)
Developers | Publishers: Turquoise Revival Games | GrabTheGames, IndieArk, Electronicsgames LLC
Controller Support: No
Price: US $ £13.49 | UK £12.59 | EU € 13,49
Release Date: March 26th, 2022

Review code used, with many thanks to GrabTheGames.

Smart Factory Tycoon is a tycoon management game about running your dream factory with robots, released on Steam for PC and Windows. According to the blurb on the Steam page, the game is inspired by Little Big Workshop. However, since I have never played Little Big Workshop, I can’t comment on the similarities between the two games.

Smart Factory Tycoon LadiesGamers
Choose a name for your factory

Build a Factory

In Smart Factory Tycoon, you must build a successful factory that produces toys for the local market and earn a profit. You’ll be making toys such as yellow plastic ducks, toy drum sets and water pistols, to name a few.

After a short tutorial that walks you through the basics of toy production, you are left to get on with it. The tutorial is enough to get you started in the game, and there is a help menu if you get lost later to refer to.

Smart Factory Tycoon LadiesGamers
The tutorial

Produce Toys

You start with an empty warehouse shell where you build rooms to store the production machines and a room for your robot workforce to re-charge their batteries and lubricate. As you make lots of different products, you need different machines to make each toy.

Next, it’s time to buy a couple of robots for your factory. Each robot has stats for movement speed, processing speed, charge capacity and oil capacity. Of course, the robot with the highest stats will cost the most to buy. However, you can buy robots with lower stats as their stats increase throughout the gameplay.

Smart Factory Tycoon LadiesGamers
Robots are busy bees.


When the factory is all set up to produce your first toys, it’s time to pick a product from the market to manufacture. There are four market categories: Basic, Medium, Master, and Special Order, though, at the beginning of the game, only Basic and Special Orders are available.

The rest of the market categories become available once you have researched them. For example, all the products you find in the Basic tab are relatively simple and easy to produce, such as a plastic duck.

Smart Factory Tycoon LadiesGamers
The market

Planning Screen

Once you have picked the item you wish to produce, considering the profit from the completed product and the fluctuating market where the selling price drops and rises, it’s time to start planning the production process.

You also have to set out a zone so your robots will know where to place the finished product for shipping. Then, click on your factory’s production line from the planning screen and link it to the appropriate machines to set up the production. After that, set the amount to produce, click execute, and watch the robots get to work.

Smart Factory Tycoon LadiesGamers
Planning. Linking the machines to the product produced.

Busy Robots

The robots whizz back and forth to the machines in the production line, making the toys to sell. I could watch the robots work for hours, whizzing back and forth. Once they have finished, you sell the product, and a lorry comes and collects it, and hopefully, you make a profit. I say hopefully make a profit since the market fluctuates and some toys take a while to make. The total profit you make can change as the market changes. It is a kind of risk with a reward.

You also can plant trees and place wind turbines and solar panels around your factory. Planting trees helps your factory’s sustainability levels up, and placing the wind and solar panels reduce electricity costs. As in most tycoon games, it would be best if you also avoided bankruptcy. If you reach 5000 overdrawn, it’s game over: I went bankrupt a few times. If you rush and take on many orders and the market price drops, you lose money on the sale. So I learned my lesson quickly not to rush; otherwise, bankruptcies were the result.

Smart Factory Tycoon LadiesGamers
Plant trees and place wind turbine

A few Niggles

The game is fun, especially setting up your factory and strategically thinking out the most efficient layout for your factory.

There is a lot of clicking with the mouse in the game; I don’t think some of it is needed. For example, when you link the machines to the production line, you must click on each machine individually. Even if the machine is used twice or three times in a production line. One click once on a machine should be enough to set the production line up instead of having to click on each machine in the production line.

The game ran quite well on my laptop; I had one crash that kicked me out of it while playing it. The music is good the first time you hear it. Unfortunately, it is the same music repeated throughout the gameplay, which quickly gets repetitive.

Smart Factory Tycoon LadiesGamers
Research and Development


Smart Factory Tycoon is an enjoyable game. The developers are continuing to update the game regularly as it was updated as I was playing it for this review. It is not a game that would suit every player as when you are short on money there isn’t much to do except watch the robots at work. But if you are a fan of Tycoon games then Smart Factory Tycoon could be what you are looking for.

Final Verdict: I Like It I like it

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