Smashing results: best 3DS game of 2014

With the end of the year drawing close, I asked you two weeks ago which one was to be your most favorite 3DS game of 2014. A lot of people voted, and right from the start the first two games were vying for first and second place and the next two games were back and forth for the third and fourth place. Now, I’m happy to present the results to you:

1st place: Super Smash Bros (for 3DS) with 24% of the votes

Not surprising maybe, I’ve kept an eye on the bigger polls like at NintendoLife, and they come up with the same number one, no doubt about it. It’s also the only game on the top 4 that I haven’t played, but friends assured me the game is ace!

2nd place: Fantasy Life with 20% of the votes

Level 5’s long awaited title in the West made it to number two! Actually it was my number 1, like I predicted in an earlier blog. For me, the game has everything needed to have a great gaming experience. It has a bit of simulation combined with lots of RPG! Great visuals, never a dull moment. The only downside I’ve heard people mention is the lengthy texts, and that the  storyline could have been a bit stronger.

3rd place: Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire with 16% of the votes

From the start it was a battle between this title and the number four on the list, but ORAS a won out at the end. There’s a lot of love for these remakes of the original Ruby and Sapphire that was played on the GameBoy Advance. The developers took a great game and added all the current day features in technology and connectivity. The fans still love it, and it’s an excellent first Pokemon title for new gamers.

4th place: Bravely Default with 13% of the votes

Not in the top three, but it was a close call with ORAS. Excellent, considering this title was released in Europe in 2013. It’s on this list because it was released in the US in 2014. A great RPG with some fresh new ideas in its battle system, hours of fun gameplay!

Do you see your number one game in the top 4? If not, you can check the full results in the original poll here. Just click on the results at the bottom of the poll, and you will see the entire list.

Thank you all for voting, and let’s make 2015 another good gaming year!Smas bros, fantasy life, ORAS, bravely default

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