Snap Together Review

Game: Snap Together
Genre: Puzzle, Problem Solving, Party Game
System: Nintendo Switch
Developer | Publisher: Soroka Games
Age Rating: US E| EU 3+
Price: UK £7.19 | US $7.99 | € 7,99
Release Date:  November 18th, 2023

Review code used with many thanks to Soroka Games

Snap Together Review LadiesGamers image shows a gun
Water Gun Object Puzzle

Local Multiplayer Madness

In an age of online play, the original local play format of games is slowly becoming a relic of the past. When I was younger, there was a lot of local play with titles such as Pokémon, Mario Kart and Super Smash Bros. It was the normality of gaming and the best way to connect with people.

Nowadays, party games became a genre of game that emphasised the need for local play party games such as Mario Party, Just Dance and Overcooked. And it works well: there is direct feedback from other players when playing the party game together.

Snap Together LadiesGamers 2 player screen
Two player multiplayer

Let’s Snap Together

Snap Together, to my knowledge, doesn’t feature a story; however, the title features a single-player, multiplayer and tournament mode for players. Up to 4 people can play on a single console. The premise of Snap Together is reconstructing broken objects back into their original form in the quickest time. Very simple!

There are around 90 individual object puzzles to be solved. When playing, the puzzle will be presented as an object within segments. These segments can be rearranged with the left analogue stick or d-pad. By pressing A and holding on to a segment, then by clicking up or down on the left analogue stick or D-pad, a segment piece can be moved up or down within the object. When selecting a segment, the piece is outlined with a bright green colouration making it stand out against the model. The right analogue stick is used for adjusting the camera when playing to view the object from different angles. The Y button is used in the tournament setting exclusively as it activates powerups.

Within each mode, you can select a difficulty scale of Easy and Hard. The general difference is how difficulty affects the game, how many segments you must rearrange and the initial arrangement of the segments when starting the puzzle. For example, on hard difficulty, you will be required to move more segments up or down the object to solve the problem.

Snap Together LadiesGamers choose an object
Object Puzzle Selection


Snap Together has a simple low-poly 3D art style, and the User Interface is bright and bold. This style suits the game well since it’s a puzzle party game. Some might say this design is particularly useful for the Nintendo Switch’s local multiplayer, as it handles rendering multiple objects with moving parts at the same time.

The objects used for the puzzles stand out with shapes of the segments as it does allow them to be quickly figured out whilst playing. The game is visually vibrant in colour, allowing quick recognition. Whether it’s performance or artistic vision, the style does work and translates well for a high-paced puzzle party multiplayer game.

Snap Together LadiesGamers 4 player
Four player multiplayer


Snap Together is a local party puzzle multiplayer game at its core, and that’s the best reason to go for it. We are approaching the season when families are coming together, and Snap Together could be a fun activity to do during the festivities.

It’s a fun little title that I would expect to be aimed at a younger audience or people who don’t often play games. Snap Together is available on the Nintendo e-Shop here and is currently on sale until December 18, 2023.

Final Verdict: I Like itI like it

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