So we meet again!

Often on my daily commute I walk through Central Station in Utrecht, the fourth largest country in the middle of the Netherlands. And I’m lucky, as I always pick up Streetpasses there. Some familiar faces keep returning, and as I wrote in June 2014, one of them was Martinus. My welcoming message at the time was “It’s Life Jim…” and only a true Star Trek fan knows how to respond. On our third meeting he wrote in a personal message “…but not as we know it”

We’ve had fun since then. I gave him back: “Live long…”. You can guess what he answered right? “…and prosper” of course! Time to step it up! I wrote back “Rura Pente”, after which it got quiet for some time. I was beginning to worry if he had found another job, or maybe he was ready with this studies and had moved on to bigger and better things.

imageAnd then, this week, we met again! He greeted me with “Qu’Plah”, for the non-Star Trek fans, it’s Klingon for Success. Hah, we were back to it. I spent some time researching what to send back. After all, the number of characters are limited, and I didn’t want to come across as ignorant in Star Trek lore. So after some typing and deleting again, I sent him “Nuclear Wessels”: always makes me smile, Chekov asking where he can find nuclear vessels in 20th century’s San Francisco in “The Voyage Home”. Problem was, with the Cold War still very real back then it wasn’t smart to have a Russian ask directions from a police officer.

I wonder what Martinus will come back with next!

If you tote your 3DS around all the time too, do you have an ongoing conversation going with someone?


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