SoS Trio of towns released in Europe

I bet the European fans of the Story of Seasons series are happy today: finally Story of Seasons Trio of Towns is released, some 6 months after it was released in America. For the life of me I will never understand why there such a long period between releases that are both English in language. Glad that’s over with the Switch as that’s regio free!

Anyway, if you live in Europe you can finally start playing this farming sim, the one that has been the standard for 20 years now. This new game takes all the good things that have been added over the years, and has added some more. I loved my time spent getting to know the three towns, West Town, Lulukoko Village and Tsuyukusa Town. As the game series is getting bigger and more developed there’s also more and more to do in the game.

They have added lots of other fun stuff though. Lots of new crops, three very distinct towns to visit and forage in. You can use the time in the day you have left doing part-time jobs. Earning some money, and meanwhile you boost the towns rank. Which gives you new game elements and visitors to town.Trio of towns, villagers, bachelors, bachelorettes


it can be exhausting too, all the work your little character in the game has to do. When I played a lot of the game last Spring, it seemed my little YvoCaro was always running around. Trying to cram everything in a day that had to be done. Feels a bit like real life, right? YvoCaro tried to fix it by inviting herself over for dinner as much as she could, I bet the villagers started to keep their doors locked by lunchtime (read the original blog here.)

It’s a fun time to love farming sims, as Stardew Valley, heavily inspired by the Harvest Moon and Story of Seasons series, only reached the Switch eShop last week. We are spoiled for choice, my friends! If you are jumping into the game this month, have fun!SoS Trio of towns


  1. Well, they ARE both in English, but the EU version also has Italian, Spanish, French and German on it (some people think there is only one language on it, but that’s because you don’t get a choice of which language to choose…the game will automatically play in whichever language your 3DS is set to, as long as that is one of the 5 languages included on the cartridge)…four more languages is bound to take quite a while to include. Hopefully EU gamers are able to have just as much fun with Trio even though they’re getting it later.

    1. You are right, of course, Kikki. I hadn’t taken that into account, and seeing as there’s a lot of text in the game, I guess it’s a lot of work. With New Style Boutique it’s nice to see the roles reversed though, Europe first and no date yet for America. I think that this will be a thing of the past soon, as the Switch is region free!

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