HayDay Celebration

Special celebration for 5 years of HayDay

One of the first handheld games I wrote about on Ladiesgamers.com was HayDay: in my opinion the best, ever, farming sim game on mobile. I say farming sim, but the main element of course is that it’s a management game, challenging you to optimise storage space, making the best use of your resources and making money to invest again.

Much like in a normal company, lol. Only we are dealing with animals, crops and produce here. Maybe I’m prejudiced though, as I have been playing it on and of for 5 years now. Since the day of release, actually. This morning this article caught my attention: SuperCell, the company behind HayDay, took the 5 year celebration seriously!

Where the game always had the option to help other farms out through the Game Center or a Facebook connection, a couple of years ago it added ” Neighborhoods”. When you took part of such a group, you could help each other out and chat together online too. SuperCell invited all 20 members of one of the oldest groups, Just Chill’n, to meet up on a real farm in the United States. They flew all members in, and as you can see in the video, it was a very special occasion!

It underlines what I’m always saying: you can forge great friendships through gaming!

By the way, if you are still playing the game like I am, don’t forget to claim the celebratory goodies. I checked in again today, after many, many months of absence, and was delighted at all the new stuff added. Before I knew it, hours of precious gaming time where gone….the mark of a good mobile game. Pure addiction!


  1. How cute! I remember a co-worker telling me about this game when it came out. I downloaded it on my iPad, but you know what? I’ve never even played it! I really need to give it a shot 🙂

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