Spring Path Ideas in AC New Horizons

Remember how we couldn’t wait for the snow to fall in Animal Crossing New Horizons? Well, by now we have grown tired of trying to make yet another snowman and all the whiteness. Great to see the spring grass again, even though it’s still a bit brownish.

Time to make another entry in our series of path ideas to make your island reflect the season. Here are our tips for making Spring paths. Are you playing in the Southern Hemisphere? Then here are our Fall Path ideas.

Paths Based on ThePathACNH

The ones people often use are the natural looking ones, based on a setup for paths that @Denim2_mori makes, all of them to be found by using #ThePathACNH on Twitter. A set of 9 patterns, that you can put together like a jigsaw in various ways.

A lovely stone path with little flowers and moss between the stones.

AC spring path LadiesGamers

A dirt path with small pebbles and flowers in it.

AC spring paths LadiesGamers

Flowers in abundance in this cheerful path.

AC spring paths LadiesGamers

Want to have a pebble path that meanders?

AC Spring Paths LadiesGamers

A dirt path with paw prints included.

AC spring paths LadiesGamers

Can’t wait for flowers, flowers and more flowers?


Fringes for Straight Paths

MA-7219-4106-3539 Moss overlay set, for any kind of standard path design.

MA-9735-6815-3749 Clover path borders

MA-9129-9718-5666 Rose path borders

Creative Spring Ideas

MA-2111-4693-8010 Beautiful lace rug decoration

AC Spring Paths LadiesGamers

A natural path, but also several decorative elements.


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