Squids Odyssey Review

Game: Squids Odyssey
System: Nintendo Switch
Developer/Publisher: The Game Bakers
Rating: E
Price: $ 14.99/€ 14.99/£ 13.49 (20% off as a launch special for two weeks + players who own Furi get 15% off on Squids Odyssey and players who own Squids Odyssey get 15% off on Furi too)
Release Date: July 5 on Switch e-shop
(The game is available on WiiU and 3DS too)

Overall Feeling: I like it!

(Review Code generously provided by The Game Bakers)

Squids Odyssey is a journey of squid adventurers looking for comrades to fight the coming calamity. The mysterious dark ooze infects sea creatures and makes them aggressive. This is a casual rpg and strategy game. It is easy to learn and the levels become progressively challenging.  It has a playful feel and cartoon look.

An RPG with lots of tentacles

I really enjoyed the game mechanics. You have a party of squids with different roles such as healer, shooter, scout, and trooper. The game is turned based and you have limited stamina for each squid. To move and attack the squids are flung across the environment by their tentacles. You can control how far they fling and activate special attacks near enemies.

It is also easy to play with the touch screen of the Switch. You must be careful! There are obstacles along the way like ocean currents, spiny sea urchins, and open areas where the squids can fall into the deep sea. Along the way you can also pick up treasures and power-ups. The game’s currency, pearls, can be used for power ups, leveling up, and head gear to improve your squid.

Quirky dialogue and cheerful music

Before each level is dialogue between the characters. It has a visual novel layout on the screen. There are illustrations of the environment in the background. The characters expressions and text appear in the front. The story is cute and the characters have distinct personalities. They explore areas searching for other squids to join their cause.

The graphics are vibrant and clean. The characters have bold, clean designs and the backgrounds have a painterly appearance. The music sounds inspired by Hawaiian music. It’s lively and changes from one level to another.


I do recommend this game, so I give this game an ” I like it”! It provides a good challenge, easy to play on the go, and is fun. There are 90+ levels to explore with an additional expert mode. This is Game Baker’s first game that has been refined and ported to Nintendo consoles.

You can get a taste of the music at Bandcamp. I personally like the Turtle Carnage song. Thank you for reading! Hope you’re having a good day.

I like it


  1. Really nice review. ^_^ I love how cute this looks! Beautiful (dare I say, inky?) colors. 😛 I’m not really into strategy games, but this makes me want to play. I do enjoy casual RPG’s. 😀

    1. Thank you! I like the cute squid theme. Inky xD . It is a playful strategy game so it isn’t quite like usual.

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