Stardew Valley on Vita

You know I write my customary Handheld Gaming News on Friday’s, gathering all the news of the past week. But some news is too important not to bring to you at once.

And this news is one of those exceptions: Stardew Valley is coming to the Vita! Soon too: you can play it from May 22! It’s a cross buy title, which means that if you already own the PS 4 version, you will automatically have the digital Vita version waiting for you. It works the other way around too: if you buy the Vita version next week, you’ll automatically get it on PS 4 too.

This is the second handheld version of Stardew Valley. The first one was on the Switch, and that was the version I enjoyed immensely. Mind you, this Vita version won’t get the multiplayer expansion the other consoles are getting.

If you want to know more about the game, you can read it here. 

Stardew Valley is really ideal on the go, if you like farming games that is quirky and special.


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