Starman Review for Nintendo Switch

Game: Starman
System: Nintendo Switch
Publisher/Developer: Nada Studio
Age Rating: USA E| Europe 3+
Price: $8.99 | £7.19 |€ 7,99
Release Date: December 13th, 2018
Also Available on iOS and PC

Review code kindly provided by Nada Studio

Do you enjoy puzzles? Have you ever had a desire to travel to space? Well, if you answered yes to one or both of these questions, then Starman is perfect for you. Originally on iOS, Starman brings puzzle platforming and a sense of adventure to life on the Nintendo Switch.

Collecting the light

Starman has 9 different chapters within the game and each ones has a wide variety of puzzles to get you to the next part of the story. There are more than 30 puzzles inside 24 levels, across the chapters. As the player, I felt like I was really exploring with the little astronaut and was able to take my mind off of reality for awhile.
Along the different levels, your astronaut is collecting light. These lights are then turned into a creature in the forest, where they become butterflies full of life and color. Since your astronaut glows as well, you can’t help but feel that this is his purpose of venturing out into “space.” More elements of the story unfold, but the game is so short that telling more will give it away entirely. Once you start playing this one, you’ll know what I mean. But don’t worry, the discovery is worth it.

Limited color and calming music

What initially comes to mind for me while playing Starman are the similar puzzle-platformers Limbo and Inside. Both of these games have an eerie feel to them, with limited color scale and calming music. Starman brings forth a similar feeling, but more calming. My favorite feature in the game was the music. Such beautiful music! You can tell that the game creators wanted to focus on a surreal atmosphere while the player makes their way through the semi-challenging puzzles.

Backtracking through puzzles

After playing Starman, the only issue I had with the game was some backtracking through puzzles. Sometimes I felt like I was in an area for far too long. But then again, I’m not the quickest at puzzles in general. Besides this, the game really flows with the architecture it surrounds.
Again though, the music makes this game worth putting time into. Although there were moments I became frustrated, those feelings faded away when focusing on the game’s calming sound. The mechanics are simple, and you can tell this was originally a phone game. But that doesn’t take away from it’s charm.


I took my time with this game, overall it took me about 2.5 hours to finish. After you finish, an endless flow mode is unlocked.
I can honestly say by the time I was done, I already debated replaying the game just for the calmness it gave me alone. With all of the stress in life, a game like this really helps to bring you into your own space.

In the end, for the relatively low price on the Switch, I think this one is worth picking up. Take a moment from your busy life and explore serenity with a little astronaut. You won’t regret it.

I like it a lot!


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