Staying young through gaming

Maybe it’s just because I’m an older gamer myself, but even in the 10 years that playing video games has been my favorite hobby, I’ve seen a change: More and more older people are playing games!

Might be because of the smartphone, that makes playing any kind of games possible wherever you are. Or maybe the Wii, with the familie fun of bowling together that even made its way into nursing homes, did something to change that.

But whatever triggered the change, it’s there: 10 years ago when I mentioned my age in a gaming forum, it was often met with disbelief or awe. Nowadays I’m no exception anymore with my 54 years.

A while back this article was published about the (then) 79 year old Shirley who had taken to YouTube and has amassed lots of followers in no time playing Skyrim. That is one cool lady, she is 82 years old now and still gaming! I can only hope I’ll follow in her footsteps in 25 years! ( the article is here)

There’s always that sense of surprise when someone who could be your mother or grandma loves playing games too. I’ve had many such encounters, and somehow they always make me smile. Partly because I’m proud of my passion, and partly because I love connecting with people.

A while ago I was shopping for my husbands birthday when I had just such a conversation that made my day a happy one. I was in a store that specializes in comic books and comic merchandise, looking for a miniature car of TinTin. He collects them, so it’s always a very welcome present.

I took out my wallet to pay while the guy at the counter was wrapping my present. He saw the little dangle that is hanging from my phone/wallet and curiously asked what it was from. I said: “that’s Mabel, a character from Animal Crossing”. He didn’t know about Animal Crossing (I was appalled of course, lol) and I went on to explain it was from a video game.

Yep, there it was: the surprised look. “Do you play video games?” I nodded, and added proudly that the latest game I was playing was Breath of the Wild on the Nintendo Switch. “Oh wow, you own a Switch too? That is so cool, that you still play games!” I could have taken offence at the “still”. Did I look thát old to him? I decided to just feel good at his surprise and to be proud to be a gamer!


  1. That Mabel is too cute! Wow, I had no idea about Shirley, I have to check her out! I can only hope I’m like her when I’m in my 80s. I’m proud of the fact that I’ve been gaming since I was a little kid and I have no intention of stopping! 🙂

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