Steam Deck Tips: Sharing Screenshots

Finally, after 9 months of waiting, I got my much-anticipated Steam Deck. Soon after launching it for the first time, I realised this is a very different device from my Nintendo Switch! This is a small computer, with loads and loads of possibilities. But it also baffles me from time to time. If you have the same feeling, this series of articles might help you get to grips with the Deck.

In this article, we are going to look at how you can take Screenshots and how you can then get them to your computer or social media!

Taking Screenshots

Unlike the Nintendo Switch, the Deck doesn’t have a designated button to take screenshots. What you do, is press the right shoulder button and the Steam button at the same time.

You will see the message appear on the bottom right that your screenshot is taken. It is saved on your Deck, under the button Steam –>Media. All images are standard marked as being Private, so only for you to see. Plus, they are on your Steam Deck only. But of course, you want to show them off too!

How to Get the Shots off the Deck

It’s not as easy as you’d think to get the images you took from the Deck to your Steam account on a desktop. And only from there, you can share them on your account on social media.

Let’s go find our screenshots first. Press the Steam button and choose Media in the sidebar.

Select one screenshot and press the Options button (on the top to the right, with the three horizontal lines on it). Choose Upload, and then you can choose the privacy setting. I’d advise that if you want to put the image on your desktop outside of Steam, or if you want to share it on social media, to set it to public. Right now you have to do each image individually, you can’t do this in bulk.

Find the Images in Your Steam Account

You can now find your images on your desktop in your Steam account. Go to your name and choose Content and then Screenshots.

Click on an image, it’ll take centre stage on your screen. In the top right corner, you can see the little cogwheel. Press it and choose share.

Sharing the Images

There are a couple of options to share your images. If you go for Twitter, you will have to copy the link and put that in a tweet. If you press the Facebook icon, it immediately goes to your Facebook profile, and shows the link there, without showing how it will look. Posting it shows the full image. On Reddit, you go to the subreddit r/gaming where the link is shown. Posting it shows the full image.

In my case, I wanted the images on my own computer, to share with you on the site. There are several ways to go about this. If you are working in the Steam app, you can’t immediately save the images to the desktop. You can, however, use the sharing link. Copy it, and paste it into your browser. Your Steam environment in the browser opens, and now you can download the image.

Of course, if you are working in your browser anyway and have your Steam account open in there, it’s easier. No need to get the link, just click on the image so it opens in the centre in a separate window, and download the image from there.

I hope this has been helpful!

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