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Storm in a Teacup (Switch) Review

Game: Storm in a Teacup
System: Nintendo Switch
Developer: Cobra Mobile
Publisher: Rising Star Games
Age Rating:  E for Everyone (US)| 3+ (UK & EU)
Price: $2.99 | £2.99 | €2,99
Release Date: 25th October 2018

Review code kindly provided by Rising Star Games

Overall Feeling: I like it a lot!

This casual platform game is fun and whimsical. With a colorful storybook appearance it is easy to lose time going from one stage to the next. I found it to be relaxing and enjoyable.

Sugar Cubes For Your Tea

Storm’s brother, Cloud, has created a dream-like world to explore, packed with all kinds of challenges. Of course it’s your job to guide Storm through each stage. You have to solve puzzles, avoid pitfalls and beat bad guys. All while you take on each magical platform in your teacup.

The game features puzzles, perfect scores to chase after, stickers to collect. The stages become progressively more difficult. A novel idea to go through the levels riding a teacup! Very fitting for our motto on the site: Handheld Gaming with a Cuppa!

Bouncing along and customization

You solve puzzles to collect keys, open locked areas, and advance. You are scored based on time, how many tries it took, and the amount of items collected. The stages become more difficult when you progress.

With each sticker item found you unlock customizations for the character, Storm. You can change the colors, designs of the teacup, Storm’s hair, clothes, and glitter trail. As you progress you unlock survival and bonus stages. The survival mode has sugar cubes falling from the sky and you must survive the enemies and traps as long as possible. The bonus stages are extra challenging.

The controls are simple for the game. Storm rides the teacup forward, back, and hops along. You have to do your best to steer clear of monsters, blades, water, and fire.

There are checkpoints in the stages, so if you perish you won’t start back at the beginning.

Tea Time is Good!

The stages are colorful and have some variety. It makes me think of a child’s bedtime story. The music is cheerful and fits the game well.

I am drawn in by the cute tea theme and colorful environment and can see this game appealing to all ages.

I hope you will check out this game. Even if gaming is not your cup of tea, Storm in a Teacup could be a nice gift too!

I like it a lot!

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