Story of Seasons Bachelorette video

One of the things in the Story of Seasons games that makes gamers very happy, is the dating. Whether you like meeting a new virtual sweetheart or not, Story of Seasons games, and Harvest Moon before them, just wouldn’t be the same if it weren’t included.

I’m never very good at this dating thing, far too busy as a farmer to tend to my fields and make sure the livestock is happy.  I’ve tried playing the game being the lone farmer who runs into town every now and then to sell her stuff and then retreats again to fish, farm or be sociable with her animals. But somehow that doesn’t work either, you miss out on a lot of the game that way. Aside from the fact that villagers don’t warm up to you and look at you with suspicion in their eye.

Over the years the numbers of datable guys and girls have increased. And they are made more and more detailed, such a lot of finesse goes into creating them. They have specific characteristics, you can go for the arrogant one, for the grumpy one, for the happy go lucky one. Just like going to the store to get yourself a guy that will be just to your liking.

Still, like always, I’ll try and focus on one of the bachelors when the time comes. If you are going for one of the bachelorettes though, which one is your favourite? Lets look at the Bachelorettes!


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