Style boutique 2, Fashion Forward!

Style boutique1Three times I’ve written about Style Boutique, or Style Savvy, already. Told you a bit about it’s background in this articlemade a preview as a guest blogger on and I’ve announced the release of the third game in the series in this blog. Now I got some official promotion material in my mail, and I just couldn’t resist sharing them with you here. If you’re bored to tears by this game, just ignore this. But know that even seasoned male gamers go for this game, judging by the many comments on the article posted about it.

Now doesn’t this look good?

The game will be released on November 20th in Europe, still no date set for the US. To celebrate the release there will be a special hardware bundel with the game, featuring a white new 3DS.

Style boutiqueStyle boutique2

Style boutique, designer atelier, girls mode 3

Not only will you be able to be a fashionista and dress your customers using 19.000 items, but there’s a beauty parlor to play with make up and hair styles and you can try your hand at fashion shows.

Style boutique, miniatures, doll house, women gaming, games for girlsAnd what’s got me exited is the dolls house, that you can decorate, called Caprice Chalet. The rooms you decorate can be shared using Streetpass!  Style boutique, miniatures, doll house, fun gamesstyle-savvy, style boutique, 3ds games, designingTo top it off you can use Amiibo on the game, to get special clothing items and accessories to make your customers happy. After launch there will undoubtedly be more downloadable tiems, plus online thematic fashion shows will be held too. Style boutique 2, europe, amiibo, special items


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