Summer Path Ideas in AC New Horizons

Time to make the set complete: after we published our Fall, Winter and Spring Path ideas here are our Summer path ideas.

Time to make another entry in this series of path ideas to make your island reflect the season and to make the year complete. Here are our tips for making Summer paths.

Paths Based on ThePathACNH

The ones people often use are the natural-looking ones, based on a setup for paths that @Denim2_mori makes, all of them to be found by using #ThePathACNH on Twitter. A set of 9 patterns, that you can put together like a jigsaw in various ways.

Summer: can’t do without an abundance of flowers! This pattern has many different sorts in it!

The colour on this design look a bit faded in this image, but if flowers are what you looking for, you can’t go wrong!

Not flowers this time, but a lovely stone collection.

Aside from a design for a path that looks like it’s been there for ages, lovely tiles for chalk drawings are included.

Fringes for Straight Paths

These terracotta edges with orange flowers in there will look great with the standard terracotta path!

Looking for something to adorn the standard grey tile path? Will look lovely with these little bouquets spread around.

Want to use the standard sand path? Add these shells for a summer look!

Other Path Ideas

Of course, there are lots of path ideas that aren’t based on ThePathACNH

Path ideas Summer LadiesGamers

Want to use another kind of stone instead of the standard path? Check this one out!

This path looks lovely and natural on the grass!

Stairs are All the Rage

Aside from paths, we found some cool stairs to fool you into thinking your house is on a posh elevation.

These custom designs show stairs for every season.

Not stairs leading up to your house, but making the layout of your land much more interesting, without having to pay Tom Nook for every ramp!

Creative Summer Ideas

This gate looks so great, especially with the statue behind it!

Can’t have Summer without Sunflowers on your island!


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