Super Mario Run, next goal is to conquer the iPhone

Normally I never watch the Apple presentation, but today my daughter was curious. She really wants the new iPhone 7. So we watched the live presentation, while I was doing something else in the room. Until I heard Tim Cook introduce his next guest in an exiting way: Mr.  Miyamoto of Nintendo took the stage, along with Bill Trinnen!

Color me surprised: Nintendo will bring Super Mario Run to iOS! I was more focused on Animal Crossing and Fire Emblem being the next mobile games, but apparently Nintendo has another ace up their sleeve!

Mario, iPhone, android, app games, nintendoSuper Mario Run has you running, gathering coins and overcoming obstacles and enemies until you reach the flag. The demonstation showed it’s easy to play, even using even one hand while you hang on to the strap in the bus while going to work.

On top of that, the game has a battle mode too called Toad Rally: trying to run the fastest and trying to gather the most coins you gather and trample the most toads. You see your opponents progress represented like a little sticker of Mario running the same field. What’s more, you expand your Mushroom Kingdom using the coins you win.

Super Mario Run will be released in time for the Holidays 2016 at a set price: you will be able to play to your hearts content at no additional pay.

On top of that: iOS 10 has some neat Mario themed stickers available to use in iMessage!

The downside to all of this? It seems that Fire Emblem and the Animal Crossing mobile game are delayed to after the Mario mobile game. Not at all happy about that news!



  1. Mario is Nintendo’s best known property so I can see why they would release this first. I doubt I will download it though, as I find endless runners to be boring. Like you, I am more interested in Fire Emblem. Shame we have to wait for 2017 for FE, but from now till Xmas there are plenty more quality games to check out.

    1. Same here, don’t particularly like Mario, don’t like platformers and neither do I like endless runners. But I do hope its successful for Nintendo, as that will bode well for the future of Nintendo gaming

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