Survey: Super Proud to be a Gamer!

LadiesGamers has been around for some time now. What started as a personal blog about video games almost 9 (!) years ago has turned into a full fledged website, still about video games though.

Our aim hasn’t changed: we still want to put our thoughts and feelings about games to paper (well, the screen). We focus on family friendly and indie games which may not receive mainstream coverage and specialize in Wholesome Games.

Survey: Super Proud to be a Gamer!

Every couple of years we put out a survey to gauge who our audience is and what their gaming habits are. We want to make sure that we are still able to entertain and inform you like we want to, that we still got it right.

So for the fourth time we would like to ask you: can you fill out the survey below? And of course, the results will be published on LadiesGamers, as well as compared to the Surveys over the years!

Super Proud to be a Gamer Survey

The link above will take you to a Google doc, which won’t register emails or such, so your answers will be totally anonymous!

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