Poll Switch Game of the Year 2017

For the first time, this year I’ve added another category of Handheld Game of the Year…gaming on the Switch! I know, some of you may argue that this isn’t a handheld device. But ever since buying it last May, my Switch hasn’t been connected to a TV. It’s being playing on handheld mode, 100%. So to me, this surely is a Handheld Gaming device!

So here we go: what Switch games did I play?

When I bought the Switch, I bought my first game too: the Legend of Zelda, Breath of the Wild. I’d heard such raving reviews, and the game was all across the media. I had played Zelda before, and liked it, but I knew I was never any good at the battles. That’s why made me hesitate; still I took the plunge and went into the Wild with Link.

What an adventure it has been! I love this game, though I’m sure it’s all for the wrong reasons. I love exploring, love gliding through the air. Love cooking and seeing what’s behind the next mountain. Love the puzzles of the shrines too, and conquering the towers. Oh yes, and I have to fight, but I can manage that! So I guess you could say Breath of the Wild can be for casual gamers too (read my thoughts here)!

There was one game that I couldn’t wait to get my hands on: Stardew Valley. A game that had already been released on multiple platforms, but the release on the Switch meant that it could finally be played on a handheld device. At first I was afraid the retro look would put me off, as I’m always very partial to great graphics. But it did nothing to dampen my enthusiasm! What a great farming game with a twist! It’s just the fishing…..

I made two reviews for eShop games this past year, one for Piczle Lines DX, which Vic mentioned too in her top 5 of Switch games on a budget. My review for this nice little puzzler is here. 

Yono and the Celestial Elephants was downloaded to my Switch too, a sweet and colourful adventure featuring an Elephant. It’s a game with a cute style, lots of text (which I like) and an interesting world with plenty of puzzles. The puzzles aren’t very hard but clever at the same times. The battling surely isn’t the strength of the game though. Review here.

With a few more weeks to go in this week I just bought myself a new game of a series that I’ve never tried before: Xenoblade Chronicles 2. I haven’t gone far yet, just finished chapter 1. But I like what I see, although I really have to look into the fighting online. Such a lot to think about!

That’s my journey with the Switch so far.

What will be your Switch game of the year? Feel free to add your game, if it isn’t included.

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