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Tangram Collection Review

Game: Tangram Collection
Genre: Puzzle
System: iOS (Also available on Android)
Developers | Publishers: Error300 Games
Age Rating: US E | EU 3+
Price: US Free | UK Free | EU Free (App free with In-App purchases)
Release Date: November 9th, 2021

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Dublin based development team Error300 Games are back again with a new puzzle game for iOS and Android, Tangram Collection.  I reviewed a previous game of their’s Mosaic Chronicles a couple of months back. Let’s have a look at Tangram Collection.

Tangram Collection LadiesGamers
Tangram collection menu

A Tan

A Tangram usually consists of a couple of Tans, as the individual pieces of puzzles in a Tangram are called. The objective is to replicate a pattern (given only an outline) by placing the individual Tans into the puzzle to complete the picture. These types of puzzles date back to 19th-century China.

Tangram Collection is an addictive game and features five bundles of tangram puzzles and more than enough to keep you busy for a good while.

Tangram Collection LadiesGamers
lots of puzzles to choose from.

Zen-like puzzle

Tangram Collection offers a Zen-like puzzle experience and will be free to download on the iOS App Store and Google Play Store with in-app purchases to unlock more puzzles. In the free version, you can play 45 puzzles before buying the rest of the packs. The extra packages include 182 puzzles in all.

Tangram Collection LadiesGamers
find a place for each piece in the puzzle

Simple Controls

Controls for the game are pretty simple. First, you can rotate or mirror each puzzle piece using the buttons at the bottom of the screen. Then, drag, and drop and turn pieces into the base shape to make them fit and solve the puzzle!

Tangram Collection LadiesGamers
Rotate pieces

Pieces Can Not Overlap

To complete the puzzle, pieces cannot overlap or stick outside of the outline. The hint button (?) in the upper-right corner will mark any parts in the wrong place with stripes.

Tangram Collection has a decent amount of puzzles to keep you busy for a good while if you wish to pay for the extra puzzles. The puzzles I played were not too difficult to complete. This is the type of puzzle game you can dip in and out of for shorter play sessions. Perfect for playing on a commute to work or while waiting on an appointment.

Tangram Collection LadiesGamers
Using the hint

Black with White

The developers haven’t gone over the top with colour in the game as all the puzzles I played were in black with white puzzle pieces. While this is fine, it would have been nice to see some splashes of colour in the game.

The music to accompany your puzzling is upbeat and pleasant to listen to, it’s a step up from the usual elevator music you normally hear in-app games.

Tangram Collection LadiesGamers
What’s it going to be?


Overall, Tangram Collection is a decent puzzle game. You are not going to find many surprises in it or anything we haven’t seen before in the Tangram puzzle genre. However, what is on offer is good enough to pass a few hours of time.

Final Verdict: I Like It  I like it

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