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Terrascape Early Access Preview

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Released on Early Access by developers Bitfall Studios, Terrascape is a simulation strategy game. I’ve spent some time playing this lovely puzzler. The Steam page mentions city-building, but Terrascape is more of a puzzle than a pure city-building game like Cities: Skylines. Let’s have a look at it.

City Building – Puzzler

Terrascape LadiesGamers
Puzzle challenges and free mods

The game offers puzzle challenges, a relaxed mode all on procedurally generated maps, and exciting challenges. TerraScape will be expanded with more card decks, maps, and game modes in the future as it progresses through early access.

Place Cards

Terrascape LadiesGamers
There is a tutorial to walk you through what to do.

In Terrascape, you’ll build your dream city using random cards. Each pack of cards in Terrascape offers different buildings, such as villages, grain fields, foresters, fisheries, and so on.

You must choose between two cards from the random, limited deck, and the objective is to place the cards (buildings) in ways that yield the highest possible points on the hex-based map. But, of course, each building has different influences, be it from other buildings, natural resources, or the right terrain. So you can’t just plop a building down anywhere; some thought is required.

Earn Points

Terrascape LadiesGamers
Place villages, fisheries, and foresters

So, when you place a card on the tile correctly, the card will influence other buildings to produce more points if placed closer together. For instance, placing a Grain Field beside a grass tile will earn or lose you 5 point’s depending on what tile is placed on the other tiles around the Grain Field.

Terrascape LadiesGamers
Score gold to open the next level.

In addition, when you place the cards in a set way, the buildings will eventually merge into a specific arrangement. For example, cottages become longhouses, chapels, and churches merge into beautiful cathedrals, and large houses transform into villas. Upgrading happens automatically if the cards around the building you have already placed meet the requirements; the buildings then automatically upgrade before your eyes.

By placing cards, you earn points and, in turn, receive new cards as rewards. You must score enough points to reach bronze, silver or gold. Terrascapes‘ basic concepts are easy to understand, and the tutorial explains the game well. Moreover, the requirements to score gold and unlock the following levels are challenging and require planning where you place the cards.

Procedurally Generated Maps

Terrascape LadiesGamers
Each building has an area of influence.

Terrascape may remind you of Dorfromantik, as it does me, but after playing both Dorfromantik and then Terrascape, they differ. Furthermore, in Dorfromantik, you build the map by placing tiles. In Terrascape, the map is procedurally generated, whereas in Dorfromantik, it’s the map tiles you are placing to grow the map.
Terrascape also lets you play versus matches with your friends, though I didn’t get to try that out.

Visuals and Music

Terrascape LadiesGamers
The building upgrade automatically

Terrascape is visually appealing; it looks gorgeous. Some tiles have a little animation, and you can see the crops swaying in the breeze. The music is soothing and very relaxing; I found the whole experience of playing Terrascape to be chilled and laid back.

Since the game is in Early Access, there are areas that need expansion. For example, I like to see more of a variety of buildings added to the game. The developers have a road map for Terrascape as it goes through EA. In addition, they plan to add cooperative multiplayer, new game modes, multiple biomes, and much more.

Terrascape LadiesGamers
roadmap for early access

Terrascape is a lot of fun to play; it turns into a tricky management game as you run out of space to place the cards. But with some strategic thought, you soon reach the high points and increase your score to move on.

I’m looking forward to future updates to the game as it moves through Early Access; it holds much promise even at this stage. You can find the Steam page for Terrascape here, go on, and give it a Wishlist. You know you want to!

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