The Best Accessories for the Switch

With Santa being very busy to get the best gifts for the Holidays, we decided he might need a hand. So, we will make a few lists that might just give some inspiration if you still need to fill some stockings.

Let’s start with a list of accessories for the Switch!

All of these items are perfect for someone who loves gaming on the Nintendo Switch. And they might also be great to add if you are getting your sweetheart the very first Switch device.

I have used most of them myself, and got good use from them. All, aside from the wheel joy-con grip as I don’t have Mario kart nor the joy-con grips as I don’t use those. However, the reviews for these two items are good online, so I decided to include them.

Screen Protector

The first thing I would add to the switch as soon as it’s out of its box is a tempered glass screen protector, most come with 2 in the packet, handy to have a spare or in case the  first one doesn’t go on bubble free….Take it from someone who knows: 2 packets later…

Micro SD card for extra memory

A  micro sd card is needed to save downloaded games, photos, etc. A good sized micro sd card is required if you are downloading lots of digital games, something in the region of 128GB size. 

Protect the precious!

An Ergonomic protective case ( Grip Case) to protect the Switch in case it’s dropped. Great for kids as it adds some protection to the back of Switch and joy-cons if an accident should happen. The ergonomic design makes it comfortable on your hands while using it, ideal for those that have a longer play session.

Pro Controller

A Nintendo Switch Pro Controller for the dedicated gamer, the best controller there is for the Switch. Which of course is why it’s got a hefty price tag. 

Spare Joy-cons

An extra Set of Joy-cons so the rest of the family or friends can join in the fun. These come in a variety of different colours, singly or in pairs. 

Special Case for a Switch

A hard carry case for extra protection for those trips out also has a few slots for games as well. You can buy a black or colored one of course. But if you know which game your gamer is a fan off, you might even find one that is customized with their favorite character.

Backpack especially for the Switch

A Nintendo Switch backpack to carry the switch dock, switch, joy-cons, power cord, cables, pro controller etc with lots of for other things like phone, tablets. It protects the switch and it’s accessories with individual pockets for each item. 

Joy-Con grips

Joy-Con grips which help make multi player games easier on the hands and gives a firm hold of the joy-con… more flying joy-cons. 

A stand for the Switch

A Nintendo Switch stand to pop your switch on to for multiplayer games in the park with friends. Great for using at home sitting on a table as well.

It’s a sort of in-between: not playing as handheld, neither on the big tv screen.

Steering wheel joy-con covers

Nintendo Switch steering wheel joy-con covers, slip the joy-con into the steering wheel to make playing Mario Kart more enjoyable.

So, that’s the list. All these items are available on Amazon, but of course they are available elsewhere too.


  1. I prominently play my switch in handheld mode, so I LOVE my pro controller. One of the most comfortable controllers I’ve ever used and great for long hours of gameplay. I probably played 140 of my 150+ hrs of Breath of the Wild docked with the pro controller!

  2. I also really like the pro controller! Very comfortable. I do wish for the pink and green joy con set, but I can’t bring myself to pay $70-$80 for them just to have a colored version. Mine are grey.

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