The Best Puzzle Games

The Best Puzzle Games on the Switch

With the holidays coming up, it seems like a good idea to help people who are looking for just the right new game to enjoy. So, we are making The Best Of lists: the best games that we know in a genre! Tried and tested by ourselves!

So these are some of the Best Puzzle games that have been released on Switch. All have been reviewed at one time or another on LadiesGamers and received our highest score of Two Thumbs Up. This article isn’t in any particular order, so let’s begin!

A Monster’s Expedition

A Monster's Expedition LadiesGamers

You control the little monster as he explores a sprawling land that spans hundreds of islands. The islands are grouped in archipelagoes and surrounded by mist.

A Monster's Expedition LadiesGamers

Every so often the monster will come across an object on a plinth with a little item description written on the plaque on the plinth. You see, the monster is taking a trip through an open-air museum. He is on an expedition to discover “humanity” from the long-forgotten mythical humans that inhabited Englandland. Check out the review for A Monster’s Expedition here. 


TENS! LadiesGamers
Combo achieved

Combining sudoku-style number puzzles and block-dropping gameplay, the aim of TENS! is simple You place dice on the board, make ‘tens’ in any row or column and clear the board to win and that’s it!

TENS! LadiesGamers
Will I win?

TENS! is a relaxing puzzle game that offers tons of gameplay styles for you to choose from an immersive single-player Adventure mode, a local Multiplayer mode where you can challenge your friends and family, and an Endless mode that challenges your skill level. In TENS! there’s something for everyone to enjoy! I put my thoughts on TENS! in my review of the game.

Regency Solitaire

Regency Solitaire LadiesGamers

Regency Solitaire is the creation of Dorset-based Grey Alien Games, with funding from Creative England. As the name suggests it’s a solitaire card game based in eighteenth-century England during the rule of Prince George.

Regency Solitaire LadiesGamers

Play your cards right as you tour historic locations, from stately homes and lavish gardens to the fashionable towns of London, Brighton and Bath. Decorate the family ballroom to unlock gameplay features and improve Bella’s chances of finding true love! Avoid the clutches of the odious Mr Bleakley, and reclaim a lost fortune. Cupid’s arrow can’t fail to find his target. You can read our review of Regency Solitaire here. 

Puddle Knights

Puddle Knights. LadiesGamers

Puddle Knights is a mud-based puzzle game where you arrange snake-like capes of chivalrous knights to cover puddles and other hazards. I reviewed Puddle Knights and I especially liked the humour in it, plus it’s tricky-at-times mud-based puzzling.

Puddle Knights

In this lighthearted medieval mindmuck you are helping the Nobles to reach their goal on the board! With 100 plus puzzles of increasing difficulty and playtime between 10 and 35 hours you certainly get your money’s worth. 

LEGO Builder’s Journey

LEGO Builder’s Journey LadiesGamers

Step through levels brick by brick with puzzles that sometimes ask us to follow the instructions… and sometimes to be creative and break the rules. Builder’s Journey is a poetic puzzle that takes place in a LEGO brick world, brought to life with the most accurately rendered LEGO elements yet to feature on screens. Be taken through a breathtaking world filled with brick-by-brick effects, accompanied by a beautiful soundtrack.

LEGO Builder’s Journey LadiesGamers

LEGO Builder’s Journey is the first game to be created by a new studio set up in-house at the LEGO Group called Light Brick Studio. You can read our review of LEGO Builder’s Journey here. 


ZHED is a classic simple puzzle game. Based on a simple mechanic it builds onto increasingly complex puzzles that challenge you. With no timers, no clocks, no stars and no tricks, it’s just pure puzzles for you to relax and enjoy with.

ZHED best puzzle games LadiesGamers

In ZHED you tap a square and select a direction (upwards, downwards, to the left and to the right). You can then see how the square reacts when they intersect with each other and build a path to fill the goal square. Abbi put her thoughts of the game into her review of ZHED which you can find here.


In this puzzle game you guide your little train to the exit of each level, collect all of your gold that you lost to the Aliens and travel to new heights! Locomotion is a brilliant single-player train puzzle game. Sit back, relax and chill for an afternoon of excellent, entertainment and excitement, or, pick up and go as you solve puzzles on the move!

Locomotion LadiesGamers

Locomotion is truly the perfect family-friendly casual puzzle game. You can grab a partner to help you figure out those extra tricky puzzles and enjoy the journey together as you chug along in your train. I took a ride on the train in Locomotion for my review of the game.

Part Time UFO

Part time ufo LadiesGamers

You play as Jobski, a little UFO with a claw, as you move objects to the designated platform and balance, arrange, and build to help earthlings complete jobs!

Take on lots of puzzling jobs which have multiple objectives, helped along by pictures with hints. Solve them to earn in-game medals and unlock even more jobs. Remember though to keep an eye on the timer.

In Part Time UFO you can recruit a friend and complete any job in cooperative mode as well.

Part time UFO LadiesGamers
Part-time UFO

Each job also has a more difficult variation that’s perfect for two players. Jobs may have more objects to move or other challenges to keep the action fresh for your UFO buddy. Two claws are better than one! Paige reviewed Part Time UFO and recommends it for couples or for parents of a slightly older child to enjoy together,


Zenge Ladiesgamers

Zenge tells the story of Eon, a lonely journeyman who is stuck between worlds and time.

The game is intended to be a relaxing experience and it’s certainly that. There are no points, stars, tutorials, move counters, in-game shops or any other distractors. Just pure, immersive journey with Eon, told through gorgeous art and music.

Zenge LadiesGamers

The concept of Zenge is to complete tangram puzzles by sliding and moving the shapes which are attached to rails into a portrait. Which then turns into a picture and you and the journeyman move on to the next level. I had the pleasure of reviewing Zenge. 

Have you played any of the best puzzle games on the Nintendo Switch?  Leave us a comment below!

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