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The Block Review

Game: The Block
Genre: Casual, Indie
System: Steam (Windows & macOS)
Developers | Publishers: HyperParadise | Future Friends Games
Controller Support: No, Keyboard & Mouse
Price: US $2.39 | UK £1.67 | EU € 1,91
Release Date: December 16th, 2022

Review code used, with many thanks to Future Friends Games.

The Block is the world’s most miniature city builder; it’s more of a digital toy than an actual video game.  Similar in ways to Dorfromantik, but on a much more minimalistic scale. So let us find out what it is about.

Pick a Grid Size

The Block LadiesGamers
Pick the size of gird you want to build on.

When it starts, the player is presented with four different size grids to choose from, extra small to extra large. Once you pick one, you place buildings, trees, lamposts, and whatever else the game gives you until the grid is filled.

The Block LadiesGamers
extra small gird

Each level in The Block is slightly different and can be finished in a matter of minutes as you build up a tiny but perfectly formed city. The blocks are randomised. They range from buildings of various heights to buildings with turrets, blocks with trees, lamposts and colourful market stalls.

No Timer, No Pressure

The Block LadiesGamers
Place the block on the grid.

Once you fill the gird, you move on to the next. The only real challenge in the game is deciding whether to play the next level or not. But you will, as The Block is kind of addictive.

That’s the gameplay, in a nutshell; there aren’t any timers and no pressure on the player. Also, there isn’t a goal; it’s up to you how you place the buildings and so on. Will you use the next block you’re given or swap it for something else? I challenged myself to use only tree tiles or buildings to see what I could make.

Visuals and Controls

The Block LadiesGamers
build a city

The controls, much like The Block, are simple too. The mouse wheel changes the position of the Block you are placing. In addition, the E and Q keys move the camera around the grid. Finally, the W key changes the Block that appears to be placed so that you can change a building block into a tree block.

The Block LadiesGamers
Detailed low-poly graphics.’

The minimalistic low-poly graphics are full of details. Everything is detailed and colourful, from blocks with a single lampost to a few trees to the blocks with buildings. As you place blocks, a music note plays. It is like making your own soundtrack to the game. I did like the music notes for a while; it gets repetitive as you always place the blocks, so the notes sometimes sound as though they are on a loop.

The Block LadiesGamers
extra large grid


Of course, The Block will only suit some gamers; those that like to have an end goal or more of a challenge won’t find it in this game. Instead, you will find a lovely, gentle, relaxing game to play and chill out with. The Block is soothing and the most uncomplicated, effortless game/digital toy I have ever played.

Final verdict: I Like it a Lot  I like it a lot

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