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The fun…and stress of managing a farm

Tell me, do you play app games? I do, at times. Mostly I play my Nintendo games, but app games can be so easy to do everywhere you go provided you’ve got the game on your phone. And you only have to check in for a moment during coffee break, and then it’s back to your normal day to day things.

I think I’ve mentioned before that I’ve been playing HayDay since day one. Not all the time for these two years, but I’ve spent quite enough time on this little time waster. And you know what, it’s hard work, this farming! See if you recognize this:
– Always short on tape or boards to upgrade your silo or your barn. And never enough axes to clear away the bushes. No I don’t need yet another couple of screws or planks, thank you!
– No matter how many times you manage to upgrade your barn, you are always short on space. You feel like an extreme couponner!
– No one sells what you need although you’ve frantically leafed through the newspaper for half an hour. So, your boat leaves empty.
– You have been squirreling away your hard earned gems ( after all, you don’t want to spend real money) and then you accidentally press the wrong button and spend your gems speeding up a crop you didn’t need.
– Of course you help others out, because you’re a good neighbor…..and it gives you some hard needed experience stars. And the coupons in the thank you letters are very welcome. But when you spend them on the mystery package you get…you guessed it, caterpillar decor. I’ve got so many of them, they’ll eat me out of crops!

Does it sound familiar to you?

And then when you think you’ve got it all under control, your truck gets attacked by an army of frogs!


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