The Gaming Ladies Quiz, part 2

A week ago I published the first Gaming Ladies Quiz. I was happy to see a lot of people had fun with it, and surprised no one had a score of 100%. This was the leaderboard:




2.Madison Clere-80%

Well done guys! I will keep track of the scores, to make an overall leaderboard after a few week.

So, time for a new round of questions! Here’s the Gaming Ladies Quiz, week 2.

This quiz is no longer available.


  1. What a great idea doing quizzes like this. I’ve not seen anything like it on other blogs and it’s a lot of fun! I gave it a shot although I didn’t do that well. Still, not too shabby for someone who doesn’t play handheld games 😀

    1. Thanks for the compliment, it’s a lot of fun to make too!
      I do realize my questions are mostly about the games I love on handheld. But you did well anyway, great!

    1. You should be! I know the questions aren’t easy, and if you just happen to not be into one of the games I used, it’s even harder!

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