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The Last Fighter of The Pass – Fire Emblem Story DLC Revealed

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Direct

The second Direct of the year aired on the 16th of January (see details on the first one here). This one being entirely dedicated to showcasing the final fighter of the Fighter’s Pass. It was revelead to be Byleth, the player character from Fire Emblem: Three Houses (you can find my review here).

Both gender versions will be available and wield different Hero’s Relics tied to what directional input you use. For most other moves they’ll stick with The Sword of The Creator. The different weapons have various attributes, such as the spear dealing more damage when striking with the edge. When using Failnaught (a bow) it can only fire when charged, though it can be cancelled out, unless you’ve fully charged it. I don’t care for how the Final Smash looks as Sothis appears as an image, rather puppet like.

Like others in the pass this character comes with a new stage. Garreg Mach Monastery the main location in Fire Emblem: Three Houses. It is a rotational stage that moves through four locations in the monastery. These different locations have background characters from the game and breakable parts. Eleven songs from the game will also be added, available on any Fire Emblem stage. A new Spirit Board with popular characters will also release. Not only that but a new Classic mode route has been added to represent Fire Emblem’s history.

Byleth can be purchased separately or is part of the Fighters Pass which includes Joker, Hero, Banjo Kazooie and Terry. Byleth will release on January 28th.

Mii Fighters and Another Fighters Pass

Finally some more Mii Fighter costumes were announced. For the sword fighter, Altair from Assassin’s Creed. A Rabbids hat is also added and can be put on any Mii Fighter. The Mii gunner gets some new costumes, X from Mega Man X and MegaMan.EXE from the Battle Network spin-offs. Plus Cuphead from the same titled game whose purchase will include the song Floral Fury. I really love the Mii Fighter costumes that are made to just look like the character. I hope brawler gets some cool ones next time.

These will be available for separate purchase on January 28th.

In the previous Smash Direct it was announced that more DLC fighters would come after the conclusion of the Fighters Pass. Now it’s revealed that six additional fighters are planned, and the characters are already decided. No news yet on whether it will include extra stages and music as well. The Fighter’s Pass Vol. 2, will be available for pre-purchase on January 28th. With a Guardian Armor (from Breath of the Wild) Mii costume as an exclusive purchase bonus.

Three Houses – The Fourth House

Shortly after the Smash direct aired, a new trailer on upcoming DLC for Fire Emblem: Three Houses was revealed.

This story content is accessed separately from the main story so it will not tie into any other saves. It follows a Fourth house called the Ashen Wolves who live below the monastery. It is said that the content will be a bit more difficult than the base game. Which was pretty easy on Normal difficulty anyway. So far four characters have been introduced, and I’m not sure if they’ll be any more. It releases as part of the Expansion Pass (thought it might be able to purchase separately later) on February 13th (or Valentine’s for me).

Firing Away

How do you feel about Byleth being the final fighter for the Fighter’s Pass? Who do you hope will join the game as part of the second pass? Are you more excited for the Three Houses DLC?

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