The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom Tips & Tricks Guide

We have a little catchphrase here at LadiesGamers: “When we love a game, we write a guide”. So after reviewing The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom and giving it our highest score, I thought it was time for a guide for players who have never played Zelda games before, and even for long-time players.

The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom is similar to Breath of the Wild; by that, I mean some of the controls will be familiar to players coming from BOTW, but some of the controls are also different. I’ll mention the controls for each ability further on.

This guide is also a work in progress and will be updated with more tips and information.

Sky Islands

The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom LadiesGamers

When you first start the game and are on Sky Island, which is similar to a mini tutorial, my advice is complete it. Tears of the Kingdom Great Sky Islands consists of several landmasses. There are three Shrines that you’ll visit as part of the main quest.

Once you regain control of Link in the Room of Awakening, continue to the Temple of Time. There, you meet a Zonai by the name of Rauru. He will talk to you. He’ll tell you about the Shrines in this region, and you’ll be on your way to visit each one.

Once you complete three shrines on the Sky Islands, return to the Temple of Time to be told you have to find another shrine. Once all four shrines are found and completed, the fog clears from below the islands to reveal the map of Hyrule.


The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom LadiesGamers

You do not need the Paraglider to get off the Sky Islands. All you need is a pond or some body of water to splash into; Link doesn’t take damage falling into the water, so it’s safe. Once in Hyrule, speak to Purah at Lookout Point Tower to get the Paraglider. 


The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom LadiesGamers

The first ability Link gets is the Ultrahand. After that, the new abilities are used much like in Breath of the Wild. Select the Ultrahand ability by holding the L button and selecting Ultrahand from the radial menu.

The Ultrahand is similar to magnesis in Breath of the Wild, only so much better. Once selected from the menu, highlight an object or item by aiming at it and pressing A.

When you first get the Ultrahand ability, it takes a little getting used to, especially when you want to turn the object around. So while an item is held, you can move it up or down in the air with the right stick or with gyro controls and push it away from Link or pull it towards you by pressing up and down on the D-pad. Next, hold the R shoulder button and use the D-pad, and now you rotate the object. It’s a nifty system and so easy to use once you get the hang of it.

Suppose you struggle to get items to fuse and sit correctly using Ultrahand. One tip the game doesn’t tell you when you lift an item with Ultrahand is that you can automatically place the item horizontally, whatever you hold with Ultra Hand, by pressing the ZL button once.

To separate anything you have fused together with Ultrahand, you jiggle the Right stick, but did you know if you have motion controls enabled, shaking the joycons will un-fuse the item too?


The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom LadiesGamers

The Fuse ability is essential in Tears of the Kingdom, as you will use it mainly to make weapons. It brings many more creative ways for Link to defeat enemies.

Once you’ve unlocked Fuse, hold down the L button, make sure Fuse is selected, and then hover the pointer over the item you would like to fuse. You’ll find plenty of rocks and sometimes just other weapons littered on the ground to use in fusion. Link’s shield can also be modified this way by placing different items from the environment on it. So to Fuse your weapon, press Y, and to Fuse your shield, press ZRTo attach items to arrows, draw your bow by pressing ZR, press up on the D-pad, and use the Right stick to choose an item. 

You can also use objects from your inventory to Fuse. This includes other weapons, too. If you want to fuse a stick to another stick, go ahead. If you want to use items from your inventory, the fastest way is by pressing up on the D-pad and scrolling through the quick menu there. Press X to drop the item on the ground. 

The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom LadiesGamers

Additionally, if you press Y, you can sort your item menu. It can be sorted to show the items you use the most for Fusing; it’s handy to drop items on the ground to fuse them into weapons. Furthermore, fusing a ruby onto a weapon or shield keeps Link warm in the cold climate. 


The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom LadiesGamers

The Recall ability temporarily slows down time and resets the position of objects. Recall has several uses in the game. The main advantage of Recall is using it to traverse the world. 

Use Recall to make your own elevators and moving platforms by recalling them. Move an object with Ultra hand in the path you want to go and then use Recall. So, for instance, lift a boulder with Ultrahand, move the boulder up if you want to climb the side of a cliff. Then place the boulder near you, climb on, hit Recall and go for a ride. 

In addition, Recall is useful in combat for throwing objects back at enemies. For example, if an enemy throws a rock or bomb barrel at Link, instantly pull up Recall to stop the projectile in its path and rewind it to damage the enemy.

The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom LadiesGamers

Use Recall to get back on top if you fall off a Talus during combat. Also, if you accidentally drop something off a Sky Island or a cliff ledge, use Recall and Ultrahand to retrieve it. There are so many possibilities when using Recall and your imagination.

Select Recall from the radial menu and click the L button to use it. Next, highlight the item or object you want to use recall on and press A. Finally, to cancel, press the B button.


The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom LadiesGamers

Ascend is a wonderful ability, mainly used for getting around the environment. Furthermore, Ascend is an ability that virtually eliminates the need for climbing. It’s so good! For example, if there is a place with a flat surface above Link, he can ascend all the way to it, ignoring any obstacles. 

Places that you can use Ascend, for instance, in a cave on a nearby hill, you can enter the cave, activate Ascend and levitate through a solid ceiling and emerge on the hill surface. This is a more convenient solution than traditional climbing and saves on stamina. You can also use this combat ability as an escape method. Or to gain upper ground on your opponents.

Select Ascend from the radial menu and click the L button to use it. Next, highlight the object above Link you want to use, and press A to ascend through. To cancel, press the B button. You can only ascend through ceilings and caves and such if the highlight turns green.


The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom LadiesGamers

Once you complete the starting Sky islands, head to the map of Hyrule and up near the castle is a new settlement. Lookout Landing Tower.

The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom has 15 Skyview Tower Locations. The Skyview Towers act as viewpoints that let you see the map. There is one per region, much like the Sheikah Towers in BOTW. The towers act as a fast travel point. Furthermore, you can launch from these towers high up into the air, allowing you to glide to any nearby destination instead of walking. Doing so saves a lot of time and makes navigating the world easier.

Once you get to Lookout Landing, speak to Purah, Robbie and Josha to start some important quests.

Furthermore, as you make your way around the world of Hyrule, you should complete Skyview Towers and Geoglyphs as you come across them. You could go around unlocking every Skyview Tower to make fast travelling easier (that’s what I did). Though, I would recommend doing the Geoglyphs in a more natural progression otherwise the story beats will be in the wrong order. You do have the option to view them all at once and you don’t want spoil a key story element that is best saved until you have visited the four Regional Phenomena.

Pony points 

The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom LadiesGamers

Stables have changed slightly in ToTK. When you first visit a stable, speak to the clerk; even if you aren’t taking or boarding a horse, talk to the guy at the desk anyway, as you earn a pony point each time. Pony points earn you equipment for your horse, so it’s worth checking in with the stables. 


Tears of the Kingdom has a new cookbook. Now when you cook anything, it’s logged, including the ingredients used in the dish. It’s an excellent feature. Moreover, you can select an item, click Check Recipe, and press X. This allows you to see every meal that uses that ingredient; you can press A to fill Link’s hands with all the ingredients for that Recipe instantly.

Caves & Gloom Holes & The Depths

The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom LadiesGamers

Under the map of Hyrule is The Depths, a dark and forbidding place. The map of the Depths is just as large as the map of Hyrule.

One way to get to the Depths is to jump into one of the many large Gloom holes scattered around Hyrule. Remember to use your Paraglider before Link crash-lands at the bottom. It’s pitch dark in the Depths, so you need to lighten your way by shooting arrows with Brightbloom seeds or Giant Brightbloom seeds fused to them.

The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom LadiesGamers

In the depths, you will see a massive plant that glows: Lightroots. If you activate a Lightroot, it will light a large area of the depths and act as a Lightroots, which are challenging to find in the depths; however, Lightroots are found directly under a shrine on the surface map. You can use the map as a reference point to pinpoint shrines in the depths by comparing it to the map of Hyrule.

In the caves around Hyrule, you will find a creature called Bubbulfrogs. Bubbul gems are obtained from Bubbulfrogs, with one Bubbulfrog in every cave. Furthermore, a Bubbulfrog will die in one hit, which is excellent as it makes getting the Bubbul gems they drop easy to obtain. Don’t sell the Bubbul gems, no matter how tempting it is to get Rupees, as you will need them later in the game when you meet a character who loves them.

Map and Mini Map

The map of the Depths is actually an inverted map of Hyrule. The Depths map being inverted means that if there is a mountain range on the Hyrule map, that same area in the Depths will be a deep gorge and so on.

Using the map is also handy for locating Shrines in the Depths. For instance, you can check the Hyrule map for Shrine locations and match them with the Depths map, as the shrines in both areas are in the same locations.

The mini-map will show whatever layer of the map you choose. So, for example, if you are in the Depths and look at the Hyrule map, the Hyrule map will stay on the mini-map when you are in the depths. Therefore, you can see your presence on the Hyrule map while in the Depths.

Zonai Devices

The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom LadiesGamers

There are multiple Zonai Devices all over the Sky Islands and Hyrule. Link can use these devices and new abilities, such as the Ultrahand, to make whatever your imagination can come up with. You can combine Zonai devices to create a vehicle and other machinery; they are fun to experiment with.

Additionally, you will need Energy cells to run some of the Zonai devices. Zonai Charges are materials you can use to recharge Energy Cells or exchange for Zonai Devices at Zonai Device Dispensers.

However, be wary of the energy cells when using them on devices, as the cell will quickly run out of power. When the Energy Cell is fully depleted, it slowly recharges itself and can’t be used until it reaches 100%. However, if you can’t afford to wait for it to recharge, you must use a Zonai Charge to recharge the Energy Cell before it reaches zero%.

The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom LadiesGamers

You do so by opening your inventory, selecting the Zonai Charge from the materials menu, pressing A, select use, press A again. The Construct enemies drop Zonai materials once you defeat them, so remember to pick them up.

Crystallized Charges can be used to upgrade your battery pack in Tears of the Kingdom. You must fast-travel to Nachoyah Shrine on the southern end of the Great Sky Island, the game’s tutorial area. You’re warped inside of a cave, and luckily for you, right next to a steward construct you can talk to. He will upgrade energy cells and allow Link to carry more on his belt. 


The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom LadiesGamers

Zonaite Ore is essential if you want to increase your battery power. The ore can be found deep in the Depths of Hyrule.  

Walking deeper into the depths, you’ll notice large, blue/green and black shining rocks. When you break these open, they will provide you with a few Zonaite. To break the rocks, you cannot just use any old weapon. Instead, you must use a weapon or a stick with a rock or boulder fused to it. Also, all enemies in the Depths, once killed, drop a piece of Zonaite. 

The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom LadiesGamers

To get the Zonaite processed, visit the Forge Construct in Sky Island or the Forge Construct in the Great Abandoned Central Mine in the Depths. At the forge construct, you can use the Zonaite you have collected to buy crystallized charges, large crystallized charges and Zonai charges and large Zonai charges. 

The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom LadiesGamers

Zonai Device Dispensers

Zonai Device Dispensers are terminals that function similarly to Gacha machines; you’ll first encounter the one on Great Sky Island, which looks like a giant green Gacha machine. Next, select five Zonai Charges or Construct materials from your item menu, and press A to insert them into the dispenser.

In addition, placing five Zonai Charges into a Zonai Device Dispenser will produce far more devices than simply inserting them one at a time. Bonus! Zonai Device Dispensers can be found on the Hyrule map and the Sky Islands.

The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom LadiesGamers

Get Autobuild for Zonai Devices

After completing Camera Work in the Depths and finishing any one of the Regional Phenomena main quests, you can complete the quest A Mystery in the Depths; talk to Josha at Lookout Landing to start the quest.

Complete the Mystery in the Depths quest, and you will receive a critical feature, Auto Build. Furthermore, Auto Build is an excellent feature; it allows you to save any contraption, wooden bridge or flying machine you have constructed using Zonai devices.

The legend of Zelda Tears of the Kingdom LadiesGamers

In addition, you can save blueprints of things you have built and mark the ones you use the most as Favourites. To build a device using Auto build, first, pull up the radial wheel with the L button and select the icon with three purple hands.

The legend of Zelda Tears of the Kingdom LadiesGame

That brings up the auto-build blueprints. Using the Auto Build feature, you do not have to have every item in your inventory to build. Instead, it will use what items you have, and auto-build will use Zoniate for any Zonai device you don’t have in your inventory. It’s a neat ability and saves much time on construction vehicles or whatever you need.

The legend of Zelda Tears of the Kingdom LadiesGamers

Quick and easy-to-make Vehicle for getting around Hyrule and the Depths

Make yourself a quick and easy vehicle for getting around Hyrule and the Depths, one that you will always have the Zonia Devices in your inventory; for instance, placing two fans onto a steering wheel (one in front and one at the back of the steering wheel) set the fans at a 45-degree angle will give you a niffy flying scooter.

The legend of Zelda Tears of the Kingdom LadiesGamers

Zonai Devices Found in Hyrule & Sky Islands

As you explore the world of Hyrule, you will find many Zonai devices you can use to build many different things. Below is a list of every Zonai device in the game. It pays to experiment with them all. 

Zonai Balloon: A balloon that rises when filled with hot air. The hotter the air, the quicker it rises.

Zonai Fan: A Zonai fan that produces wind with its internal propeller. They’re great for propelling Link up high and giving him some lift. 

Zonai Battery: This is a battery that holds concentrated Zonai-charge energy. Use it to provide temporary power for other Zonai devices.

Zonai Big Battery: A bigger battery that does the same as the smaller battery, though with more staying power. 

The legend of Zelda Tears of the Kingdom LadiesGamers

Zonai Big Wheel: A large powered wheel. It’s a great wheel for tearing through environments that might challenge smaller wheels. In addition, it can also handle shallow water.

Zonai Small Wheel: A small wheel that spins quickly and is best suited to flat surfaces. It doesn’t handle hills, or even bumps, very well.

Zonai Time Bomb: A Zonai device for a timed explosion. Its blast can activate surrounding Zonai devices.

Zonai Sled: Built to move efficiently across flat surfaces. Apply force to get it moving, so long as it has a power source. Attach a Zonai sledge to your shield and go sledge surfing. 

Zonai Homing Cart: The homing cart is a Zonai device that automatically heads for monsters. It is a blast to use! Equipt it will some fire and laser beams and sent it to an enemy camp, and watch the fireworks start. 

Zonai Construct Head: A construct head always faces whatever it deems an enemy. Attach a combat Zonai device to the head for homing attacks.

The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom LadiesGamers

Zonai Spring: A large spring thaexpands with enough power to bounce objects away from it.

Zonai Cannon: It is a cannon that fires shots in intervals. It’s a powerful device, but getting the firing angle right can be tricky. The shot explodes when hitting the target. 

Zonai Flame Emitter: A Zonai device that shoots fire.

Zonai Frost Emitter: A Zonai device that shoots frost and ice. 

Zonai Shock Emitter: A Zonai device that shoots electric shocks. 

Zonai Beam Emitter: A Zonai device shoots a beam and takes out enemies around it. 

Zonai Hydrant: A Zonai device that gushes water when struck. 

Zonai Portable Cooking Pot: A Zonai device for cooking food almost anytime, anywhere.

Zonai Rocket: A rocket device that produces powerful thrust. It packs a punch but burns out very quickly.

The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom LadiesGamers

Zonai Stabiliser: A perfectly balanced Zonai device that stands upright when activated. 

Zonai Hover Stone: A Zonai device can defy gravity and hang in place.

Zonai Light: A light that does what it says and lights the way in dark places. 

Zonai Stake: A large stake that can be fixed in place in the ground or on a wall. 

Zonai Mirror: A mirror that focuses and reflects light.

Zonai Steering Stick: The steering stick will control the direction when attached to a vehicle or 

Zonai Wing: A device that can harness lift to ride the wind. To fly farther, try balancing in the wing’s centre, use ZR and walk to each side to steer it if you don’t have a steering wheel. 

The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom LadiesGamers

The Lucky Clover Gazette & The Great Fairy Fountains

Like Breath of the Wild, the Great Fairy Fountains can be used to upgrade your armour if you have the correct crafting materials and the rupees for the upgrade. Though this time, you’ll need to help the Stable Trotters musical group with individual side quests to unlock the Great Fairy Fountains. The Stable Trotters are a musical group travelling all over Hyrule to bring music into people’s lives. 

The legend of Zelda Tears of the Kingdom LadiesGamers

Note: You can only interact with the musical group if you have already become a reporter for The Lucky Clover Gazette, which kicks off a series of other side quests.

So ensure you’re prepared for the journey to Rito Village, located south of the Hebra Mountains. You’ll find The Lucky Clover Gazette in what used to be the stables outside of Rito Village. 

The legend of Zelda Tears of the Kingdom LadiesGamers

There are four Great Fairy Fountains to visit in the game, home to Great Fairy Tera, Great Fairy Mija, Great Fairy Cotera, and Great Fairy Kaysa. The Great Fairy Fountain locations are close to stables and easy to spot, thanks to the purple clouds of smoke floating above them. You start with the first great Fairy, Tera, close to Woodlands Stables.

Great Fairy Tera

The legend of Zelda Tears of the Kingdom LadiesGamers

After you have visited the Lucky Gazette and you meet up with the Stable Trotters at Woodlands Stables. You discover they have found themselves in an accident on the way to their latest performance to brighten up the Great Fairy’s day. The group tells you about a mysterious blond-haired woman who seems to be the cause of the trouble. But don’t worry; no one got hurt except for Breezer, their carriage. Unfortunately, in the heat of the moment, their horse ran away too, and Breezer lost two wheels.

Without their vehicle, there is no way for them to reach the Fairy and entice her out of the fountain. You will need a horse with a towing harness from the stable to tow a cart and repair the cart using your Ultrahand ability with the nearby parts in the area. You can now whisk the musicians off to the Great Fairy fountain, located just up the nearby road in the direction the signpost points to.

Great Fairy Kaysa

The legend of Zelda Tears of the Kingdom LadiesGamers

This time to unlock the Great Fairy Kaysa, go to the Outskirt Stable in Central Hyrule, where you’ll once again find the musical group playing. But, unfortunately, they’re missing their piper, Pyper. To find him, you’ll need to head over to the Highland Stable in the southern area of the Faron region.

Head South-East to reach Highland Stable. You’ll find Pyper playing in a tree. Talking with him, he’ll tell you he needs to collect 10 Sunset Fireflies to make a glowing tree. Search the Pagos Woods to the North at night to obtain the Sunset Fireflies; you may already have Fireflies as I did. 

Now, head back to Pyper and give him the Sunset Fireflies. Then fetch his friend Haite while it’s still night, and have her follow you. Finally, return to where you first met Pyper, and he’ll play a tune, freeing him of his responsibilities to head back to Outskirt Stable.

Return to the Outskirt Stable and speak with Mastro to hear that a rockslide has blocked the way to the Great Fairy Fountain. Attach Breezer to a large four-wheeled vehicle of your own making to bring the group up to the Fairy Fountain.

Great Fairy Mija

The legend of Zelda Tears of the Kingdom LadiesGamers

The Great Fairy Mija can be accessed by talking to the group of musicians again at the Snowfield Stable. But, first, Mastro states that someone near Tabantha Bridge Stable to the south heard a sound like a horn. So, you must rescue the Horn player, Eustus, from the pit near Hyrule Ridge. 

Build a hot-air balloon at the pit using Fire emitters and a fan capable of lifting Link and Eustus out of the pit.

Then returning to Snowfiled Stables, here you must attach a roof to the carriage and then transport the musicians to the location of the Great Fairy Fountain, Mija.

Great Fairy Cotera

The legend of Zelda Tears of the Kingdom LadiesGamers

Head to the Duelling Peaks Stable in the Necluda region of Hyrule. Once here, approach the conductor, and he’ll tell you about a missing member of the band, Beetz. 

Once the quest has started, you move along the road north of the stable. From there, go to Kakariko Village. Next, head a short distance north of Kakariko Village, and you’ll find various bee nests in the forest. Shoot down three with a bow to collect Courser Bee Honey. Afterwards, return to Beetz and give him the three Courser Bee Honey items. Beetz will return to rejoin the Duelling Peaks Stable and the band. However, your task still needs to be completed; you have more to do. 

On returning to the stables, the musical group needs a raft to cross the lake to the south and reach the Great Fairy herself. You can put together a raft by looking at the nearby building supplies. First, build a raft and put the carriage on it. Next, add a steering device and fan, place the entire raft and carriage in the water, and the group will get in.

Now it’s up to you to steer your raft over to the other side of the lake where the Great Fairy is, and once the group’s musical performance is over, you will have successfully unlocked Great Fairy Cortera. Congratulations, you’ve unlocked all the Great fairy Fountains. 

The Dragon’s Tears Quest

The legend of Zelda Tears of the Kingdom LadiesGamers

A main quest line, The Dragon’s Tears, is how you collect Tears of the Kingdom’s memories; it involves talking to Impa to get it started; she is at New Serenne Stable. So during the quest line, you must collect the Tears from all the Geoglyphs around Hyrule and then receive a special reward for all your running around, a reward that you will want. 

When you land on a Geoglyph, you must find a swirling green vortex, the Dragon’s Tear, to trigger the memory. Unfortunately, the vortex can be hard to spot in some Geoglyphs, so I’ll include the coordinations for each Glyph according to my map. The vortex will always be on solid ground, usually flat, so that Link can stand beside it. Also, the 12th Dragon Tear will unlock once you first collect the 11th Tear.

First, use the Skyview Towers to shoot you into the air to get a good view of the Geoglyphs.

The legend of Zelda Tears of the Kingdom LadiesGamers

Geoglyph: Where Am I

You’ll find the first Glyph in North Hyrule Plain. You’ll likely come across this memory early in the game, where you first meet Impa to kick the quest off. The coordinates for this Tear are -0385, 0200, 0957

Geoglyph: An Unfamiliar World Tear 2

The second Dragon’s Tear Geoglyph can is found east of Rito Village. You’ll find the Tear at the top half of the Geoglyph on coordinates -2550,1888, 0319.

Geoglyph: Minerus’s Counsel Tear 3

This Tear in the shape of a Purah Pad is located South of Eldin Canyon at 1828, 0737, 0089, which is the centre of the pad.

The legend of Zelda Tears of the Kingdom LadiesGamers

Geoglyph: The Gerudo Assault  Tear 4

This Tear is located northwest of Dueling Peaks and East of Batrea Lake. The Tear is at coordinates 0695 -1309, 005, on the serpent’s tail about halfway up. 

Geoglyph: A Show of Fealty Tear 5 

A glyph of Ganondorf, and you can find the Tear at -3178, 1699, 0418 on his shoulder. 

Geoglyph: Zelda and Sonia Tear 6

Dragon’s Tear for this memory is on the Mineru’s Glyph, Southwest of Hyrule Ridge. The coordinates are -3096 -0077, 0211.

The legend of Zelda Tears of the Kingdom LadiesGamers

Geoglyph: Sonia is Caught by Treachery Tear 7 

This Tear is in the Daggers hilt at 3325, -3566, 0004 coordinates, located in Gogobi Hill on the southwest side of Necluda Sea. 

Geoglyph: Birth of the Demon King Tear 8

This Tear is located in the North Tabantha Snowfield. It’s near the mural’s left side, -1863, 3621, 0236. At the base of Ganondorf’s left arm

Geoglyph: The Sages Vow Tear 9

I found this Tear on the Peninsula south of the Lanayru Sea. It’s a secret stone; you can find the Tear at coordinates 4467, -0305, 0074. 

Geoglyph: A King’s Duty Tear 10

This Glyph is found on the Eastern slopes of Mount Faloraa, the western banks of Lake Hylia and near the Great Plateau. You’ll find the Tear on the left pong at coordinates -0649, -2682, 0068. 

Geoglyph: A Master’s Sword In Time Tear 11

You can mistake what this Glyph is from the air. It’s the Master Sword. You will find it North of GreT Hyrule and the blade’s tip at coordinates 0892, 2951, 0362. 

Geoglyph: Tears of the Dragon Tear 12

The last Tear to collect, and this Glyph appears once you collect the last Tear. The Tear is at the centre of the spiral of the Rist Peninsula, 4534, 2143, 0000. 

Once all the Dragon Tears are collected, it is revealed to you the location of an essential sword, Master Sword. 

The legend of Zelda Tears of the Kingdom LadiesGamers

Bargainer Statues and Poes

Have you wondered, like I have, what that Statue is in Lookout Landing? It is a Bargainer Statue that will talk to Link later if you interact with it, and it’s interested in Poes. Poe’s are the collectable currency you’ll find all over the Depths. While the Depths are dark, Poe’s are easy to spot thanks to their eerie blue glow, and there are also large Poes, which give you five smaller Poe’s, and grand Poes, which give you 20 smaller Poe’s, win-win.

The legend of Zelda Tears of the Kingdom LadiesGamers

Once you talk to the Bargainer Statue in Lookout Landing, he will say he wants Poe in exchange for some valuable armour, Bomb Flowers, other items and weapons. The armour and weapons, in particular, will interest players who don’t have access to Amiibo as they can get some of that armour from trading with the Bargainer Statues.

After talking to the Bargainer Statue to initiate the quest, you are informed that you must find six Bargainer Statues in the Depths. Now I found some of these statues hard to locate as it’s pretty dark in the depths, and they blend in with their surroundings.

The legend of Zelda Tears of the Kingdom LadiesGamers

If you want, you can pay the Bargainer Statue in Lookout Point 100 Poe’s to tell you the location of a Bagainer Statue; that’s not 100 Poe’s for all the locations of the total six statues, instead, its 100 Poe’s per Statue.

If you don’t want to pay the Bargainer Statue for the location of the rest of his brethren, I noted the coordinates of each Bargainer Statue in the Depths.

Plains Bargainer Statue

The legend of Zelda Tears of the Kingdom LadiesGamers

The first Bargainer Statue I found is on the Plains near Stakijat Lightroot at the coordinates 0457, -0803, and-0472, or if you prefer, you can enter the Depths by the Hyrule Field Chasm near Jiosin Shrine.

Luckily, this Statue is easy to find; it’s directly ahead of the Lightroot and visible from the ground.

Wellspring of Courage Bargainer Statue

The legend of Zelda Tears of the Kingdom LadiesGamers

The Wellspring of Courage Bargainer Statue is located south of the map near Faron. Head to the Hills of Baumer Chasm and drop in. Word of warning, you will land in the middle of a Yiga Clan Stronghold, so go prepared. Make your way to Muokuij Lightroot and go south and up; as this Statue is massive, you’ll have you climb up it to talk to its face. The coordinates for the Statue are 0884 -2404 and -0393.

Wellspring of Wisdom Bargainer Statue

The legend of Zelda Tears of the Kingdom LadiesGamers

You can enter the Chasm at Naydra Snowfield, west of Mount Lanayru Skyview Tower, for the Wellspring of Wisdom statue. The Usukaz Lightroot is the closest Lightroot to the Statue; the Statue is also in the lower Depths, so you will need to jump down. The Statue is at the coordinates 3850, -1326, and -0858.

Wellspring of Power Bargainer Statue

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I found this Bargainer Statue by going down the East Akkala Chasm. It’s just east of the Uri Mountain Skyview Tower. When I stumbled across the Statue in the Depths, my location coordinates were -0252, 0152 and 0020, north of the Akinastanis Lightroot.

Furthermore, you should go prepared to find the Wellspring of Power as you may land pretty close to an Obsidian Frox, and if you are unlucky like me, you might even land on it as you arrive in the Depths. It nearly gave me a heart attack landing on the Obsidian Frox.

Great Abandoned Central Mine Bargainer Statue

The legend of Zelda Tears of the Kingdom LadiesGamers

Finally, we have the last Bargainer Statue to find. This one was pretty easy to find as, by this stage, you should be familiar with the location of the Great Abandoned Central Mine. The Bargainer Statue is located on the bottom level of the Great Abandoned Central Mine at coordinates -0782, -1905, and -0564.

Unlike the rest of the Bargainer Statues, this one talks and mutters about being trapped in water. You have to complete A Call from the Depths quest to get it to stop muttering.

The legend of Zelda Tears of the Kingdom LadiesGamers

You can initiate A Call from the Depths Quest by speaking with the Goddess Statue at the Temple of Time Ruins after draining the water at coordinates -0561, -1506, and 0018 just outside the Great Plateau. Furthermore, the quest centres around delivering four stone eyes to the Statue in the Depths, and you will earn either a Heart Container or Stamina Vessel by completing it.

The quest takes place on the Great Plateau. You must find four eyes, throw them down the gloom chasms, and then place them in the Statue at the Great Abandoned Central Mine, easy peasy. 

A Call From the Depths Quest 

The legend of Zelda Tears of the Kingdom LadiesGamers


Head to the Eastern Abbey, destroy the pile of rocks, and you will find the Eye at coordinates -0472, -1993, and 0772. Useultrahand to drop the Eye in the Chasm. 


Head to The Great Plateau, and in a pool of water near coordinates -0686, -1543, and 0066, you will find the Eye, and you can pick it up with Ultrahand and drop it down the Great Plateau North Chasm from there, transporting it to the Statue.

The legend of Zelda Tears of the Kingdom LadiesGamers


For this Eye’s location, head to the Great Plateau South Chasm. It is located at the bottom right-hand corner of the Great Plateau. Its exact coordinates are 0941, -2312, and 0169.

You will find the Eye hiding under a piece of rubble that has fallen from the Sky Islands above. Lift the rubble with UltraHand and throw the Eye down the Chasm it’s beside.

The legend of Zelda Tears of the Kingdom LadiesGamers


Last but not least, we have Eye Four to find. Head to the Mountains East of the Temple of Time on the Great Plateau. The coordinates are -0462, -1990, and 0231. First, you must melt an Ice Block as the Eye is hidden in one. Once the ice has melted, drop the Eye down the Chasm and return it to the Statue. 

Congratulations, you have now finished all the quests that revolve around the Bargainer Statues, and you can purchase the cool armour, weapons and useful items.

The legend of Zelda Tears of the Kingdom LadiesGamers

Tips and Tricks 

  • Use Spicy Pepper for an updraft, put it on the ground and burn in ( in a fire, by setting it on fire with an arrow with a fire fruit attached etc.); the updraft is much more powerful now than in BOTW
  • Use the Purah Pad Scope while in the air to place map pins in areas that catch your eye. 
  • Learn to throw. 
  • Fuse, and experiment with everything. 
  • Fuse a small cart onto your shield and go shield surfing. Use Ultrahand and attach a rocket to your shield, press ZR and you are rocketed skyward for a short distance.
    Attach a Zonai spring to your shield, which will bounce enemies away on contact. 
  • Powering on Zonai devices doesn’t use up weapon durability.
  • Like in Breath of the Wild, you can choose to have the display on the screen showing hearts and all the other info. However, in the setting, you can change the Hub to show nothing at all, which is great for taking pictures.

The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom LadiesGamers

More Tips and Tricks

  • In a snowy area, look out for icicles and shoot them with an arrow. These can then be fused to your weapons. 
  • When descending from the Sky Islands, you can use the Purah pad to pinpoint shrines and anything that interests you in the distance; the view is magnificent. 
  • If you see a Blurpe (little blue rabbit-like creature), it will give you Rupees if you shoot an arrow at it and lead you to a cave entrance before it vanishes.
  • To get the Travel medallion to speak to Robbie in Hateno Ancient Lab and give him the data from 15 shrines. You are then instructed to go to Akkala Ancient Tech lab and clear it out of the two Yiga clan members waiting for you; you’ll find the medallion in a chest and return to Robbie.
  • To get the Sensor and Sensor + speak to Robbie. Fill the compendium with five pictures of monsters and return them to Robbie in Hateno Ancient Tech Lab.
  • If you find a Cherry Blossom Tree and offer fruit to the altar, All caves in the surrounding area will be magically highlighted for a short amount of time.

Check back regularly for updates to our The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom Tips & Tricks Guide. Have fun!

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  1. I had a difficult time when you have to grab logs with a sail and put them together and make a raft. The first time i only used 2 logs and the raft sailed off without me. Only then did i decide i’d use 3 logs.

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