The Liar Princess & the Blind Prince release date

NIS America has revealed that the Liar Princess and the Blind Prince has a release date: February 12 for America and Europe on Switch and PS4.

The game is in a picture book-style, where it’s your goal to guide the blind prince while you play the liar princess.

Shape shifting monster

The “Liar Princess” is actually a monster that has the ability to shapeshift and is often depicted as a wolf. It has a beautiful singing voice and likes to sing towards the moon at night; however, one day a prince was attracted to the singing voice. After approaching the monster he suffers an injury due to an accidental swipe from the monster.

Feeling remorseful about the injury it caused, the monster decides to trade its singing voice for the ability to transform into a black-haired princess. It then decides to help guide the Blind Prince deep inside a forest in order to find the Witch with the ability to make wishes come true in exchange for some kind of compensation.

Description of the game

Here’s the description NIS shared with us:

Switch between wolf and princess form to dispatch your foes. Guide the prince carefully as a princess to ensure his safety, in search of a fairytale ending.

• Unleash Your Inner Monster. Transform at will from a princess into a wolf to guide the blind prince towards a cure. Weave through the dangerous forest, but be careful… A blind prince has no place in an all-seeing forest.

• Brute Strength Meets Sharp Wit. Various obstacles will require the wolf’s strength, and others will require the princess’s wit. With so many traps and perilous hurdles that await, can the two make it safely to their final destination?

• Lost Pages from a Forgotten Tale.  With each delicate petal comes a fragment of memories shared by the wolf and the prince. Collect them along your journey and paint a vivid story of friendship, love, and loss.

Check out the newest trailer!

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