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The Lightbringer Review

Game: The Lightbringer
Genre: Platformer, Puzzle, Adventure
System: Nintendo Switch (also on Steam, Windows & Linux)
Developers | Publishers: Rock Square Thunder | Zordix
Age Rating: US E | EU 3+
Price: US $14.99 | UK £13.49 | EU €14,99
Release Date: October 7th, 2021

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The Lightbringer is an adventure, puzzle platformer with light combat elements. Let’s check it out!

Lightbringer ladiesgamers
Dear brother

The Lightbringer

You play as The Lightbringer in a world that is under siege by malicious corruption. Some time ago, your sister attempted to bring down the darkness, but unfortunately, she didn’t accomplish her goals. Now she is a spirit and narrates the story in rhyme to the Lightbringer as he sets out to save the world.

The malicious corruption targeted the ancient monoliths that gave power and light to the lands. As the Lightbringer and the chosen one, you have the ability to harness pure light motes in the shape of green orbs from the air and collect rare red crystals for energy. Energy that will aid you in cleansing the monoliths to bring back their light.

Lightbringer LadiesGamers
Viewing point

Old School Adventure

Across five chapters you will jump and fight your way through each level while gathering light orbs. Every level functions like its own little world for you to explore. You’ll need to venture off the beaten path to find enough light modes to cleanse the level’s monolith.

The Lightbringer is really an old school adventure. The structure of the game is very reminiscent of Zelda games from years ago. There are puzzles to solves such as moving blocks into position to let you climb higher, swinging paths around using a turntable lock so you can advance in the level.

Lightbringer LadiesGamers
Passing through to the next level

Find the light orbs

Each level has secret area’s to find and some of the levels have little houses in them usually holding a light orb or red crystal. There is plenty to explore in the levels and of course platform play as you hunt out each and every orb to cleanse the monolith and progress to the next level.

Lightbringer LadiesGamers
Fix the broken turn switch

Platform Play

Normally I steer clear of platform games but I’m glad I didn’t miss the chance to review The Lightbringer even if it is primarily a platform game. The controls for the platform sections of the game are intuitive, tight and responsive. The Lightbringer can run, jump and double jump, and the controls feel on point for each of those commands, he really is an energetic chap.

Lightbringer LadiesGamers
Slimes to kill


There is some combat in The Lightbringer, though the fighting of slimes didn’t feel as intuitive to me as it should have. In fact, the combat seemed out of place to me entirely and felt more as if it had been added in as an afterthought or filler.

The Lightbringer is armed with a boomerang and it isn’t a great weapon for combat, some of the slimes have metal shells that have to be removed before you can kill them, it is a lot more awkward fighting with a boomerang. At the end of each chapter, a boss is awaiting to be defeated, I must say I enjoyed the boss battles more than the rest of the combat in the game.

Lightbringer LadiesGamers
Boss battle

Visuals and Controls

The game does look very well, as you play through the game you’ll visit different semi-isometric environments, from islands to tundra to mountains. However, you can’t move the camera on a level to see around. Instead, there are viewing points in a level where the camera zooms out to show the whole level to you.

Controls, as I’ve already, mentioned are tight and responsive and perfect for a platforming game.

Lightbringer LadiesGamers
Don’t fall off!


The Lightbringer draws a lot of inspiration from earlier Zelda games. It is all about invoking that feeling of wanting to explore every nook and cranny of the game, which it succeeds in doing. The game isn’t as difficult as the old classics, so if you liked the old school classic platform games and want to try out a new take on the genre, give The Lightbringer a try.

Final Verdict: I Like It a Lot  I like it a lot

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