The little green light

Do you remember your first green light? I know I do, what a glorious moment! I’ve had my 3DS since release date. Well, actually a day early as I had pre-ordered it, and the shop called me a day early. Don’t think they are allowed to do that, but I wasn’t complaining. I still remember the happy feeling at getting it set up, and taking it with me for the first time. And I still recall seeing the green light for the first time, a couple of days after I first had it at the Central Railway Station in Utrecht. I’m sure the person I met in Streetpass had the same feeling.

I was lucky to be able to take it with me to Orlando only a few months later so I was able to get some international hits. Disney world was a good place for Streetpass, though if I had 5 hits a day, it was a great harvest. Walking back and forth through a busy restaurant, trying to look inconspicuous while zooming in on someone who was playing on a DS. Trying to see if it was a normal DS or a 3DS. I bet I must have looked ridiculous at times!

Some six months ago Nintendo changed their Wifi zone, making it so that their Nintendo wifi zones relay 6 Streetpass hits when you pass such a zone. A fellow 3DS fan even picked up my Streetpass hit from a Nintendo Zone in a place that I’ve never been, so the Streetpass hits you get don’t have to be from people that passed that exact point. Your little Mii seems to travel through the country on it’s own. At first this was great, so many hits in a row, especially when Nintendo released some nice additional Streetpass mini games. But it just occurred to me this morning that although I’m happy with all of my Streetpass hits, it has taken away a bit of the excitement of seeing the little green light!

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