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The Magical Mixture Mill Early Access Preview

Preview code used with many thanks to Glowlight.

Indie developer Glowlight Games and publisher HOOK have released their automation potion-brewing game, The Magical Mixture Mill, into Early Access on Steam.

Griselda, the Witch

The Magical Mixture Mill LadiesGamers
Help the witch brew potions.

Griselda, an elderly mushroom-loving witch, runs her potion shop, Magical Mixtures. It’s the go-to shop for all the latest potions for travellers and heroes.

But Griselda is starting to feel her age; she is getting on in years and is not as young as she used to be (I know how she feels), and the running of the shop and brewing potions is taking a toll on her. She must train someone to take over the shop and pass her potion-brewing knowledge on to them.

Witches Apprentice

The Magical Mixture Mill LadiesGamers
Collect resources

That’s where you come in, as you take on the role of Griselda’s apprentice and help make Magical Mixture into the best potion shop for miles.

You’ll build an automated production line of alchemical workstations with the help of your goblin assistant. In addition, you will supply Griselda’s shop with Health, Mana, Invisibility potions and more.

You’ll also gather ingredients, visit the areas on the map and complete quests for the local NPCs with the help of Bogglewoggle the goblin.

Chose your Characters Class

The Magical Mixture Mill LadiesGamers
Chose your Characters Class

At the beginning of the game, you can choose between three different classes for your character. There is a Barbarian, Rogue or Wizard, each with unique powers.

In addition, as the game is further developed, there are plans to add Paladin, Druid, and Necromancer classes. You use your unique powers to gather resources in the game. The colourful world has a fun cast of characters to meet, and the game has plenty of fantasy humour.

Tutorial Needs Work

The Magical Mixture Mill LadiesGamers
The shop where potions are sold

The Magical Mixture Mill has been compared to Factorio due to the automation in both games. However, after spending time with The Magical Mixture Mill, the automation is where the similarities end, and Factorio has far superior gameplay regarding the automation.

Furthermore, the Magical Mixture Mill’s automation isn’t explained correctly to the player because the tutorial is poor and needs more development. If you get stuck and when you talk to an NPC for help, they give a bland useless comment and are of no help to the player.

Also, you can’t manually save in the game; your characters must go to bed so you can save your progress. Being able to manually save would be a great addition to the game.

Not Much Content

The Magical Mixture Mill LadiesGamers
the beginning of automated potion brewing

I played The Magical Mixture Mill for over 10 hours. After that, there wasn’t much more to do in the game as I came to a grinding halt. You can only go so far with the automation system, as many of the game mechanics and areas to explore aren’t present in the game yet.

Unfortunately, the developers don’t inform players during gameplay that they have hit a wall and can’t progress further. I understand that the game is still being developed, but a little coming soon note in the game would inform the player that through no fault of their own, they can’t progress.

When you go exploring, you won’t get much help from the in-game map, as it doesn’t indicate where you are or show any towns or areas of interest to explore.

The Magical Mixture Mill LadiesGamers
The map is useless.

The music is lovely and will get your toes tapping along with it. However, it’s also on repeat so that you will hear the same music repeatedly, and it becomes pretty repetitive quickly.

Very Early Access

The Magical Mixture Mill LadiesGamers
Customers who have bought potions increase their levels at the end of each day.

Early Access games are released to the public in various stages of development. As a result, some games are much more developed on Early Access than others. For example, I’ve played many games in Early Access, like Against the Storm, which played like a fully developed game even though it was in EA. But The Magical Mixture Mill plays and feels like it is in the very early stages of development.

The gameplay in The Magical Mixture Mill is fun. But there is still a lot of development to be completed on the game before it’s player friendly. For instance, the only controls are the keyboard and mouse. I would expect a game like this to have controller support, as playing with the keyboard and mouse isn’t particularly fun or comfortable for your hands.

The Magical Mixture Mill LadiesGamers
Building a Kiln

The Magical Mixture Mill wants to be a decent simulation automation game, but it needs more brewing time in development. In the meantime, to help the developers, here’s the link to the Steam page where you add the game to your Wishlist.

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