The New 3DS, will you buy on release day?

I bet there isn’t an avid Nintendo gamer out there by now who doesn’t know about the upcoming release of the New 3DS. The new handheld, which is a upgrade of the current model, was announced August 29th, and was released in Japan in October of last year, followed shortly after in Australia and New Zealand. I wrote about the things that have been changed and spruced up in this blog. Rumors were flying about the release in Europe and America, when the limited edition was offered to select Club Nintendo members in Europe at the beginning of January. But finally, in the Nintendo Direct last week we got our release date, February 13th.

Though I’ve been a Nintendo fan for years, and the company has a warm place in my heart, I’ve mentioned before that I think they make some strange decisions. I’m referring to the mistakes made at launch of the current model, to losing a lot of the casual gaming market they had with their Wii by not marketing the WiiU from start as they should have. In my opinion they should have highlighted the use of the gamepad as a standalone device; this is a real plus in most families, where the use of the television is often a matter for some argument. And now they have made some more strange decisions: why did Oceania get the device so soon, when the Europe and the Americas didn’t get to sell the new device before the holidays? It could have meant a lot in holiday sales! Now people who aren’t following gaming news and wanted to get a 3DS for friends or family as a Christmas present, have bought a device that will be outdated in a few months.

But the strangest of all though is the decision to only bring the New 3DS XL to the American market. They say it’s because the current XL clearly sold a lot more than the smaller model. But the New 3DS varies more than just in size from the New 3DS XL. With the wide range of faceplates the smaller New 3DS can be made into a personalized device, and I find it hard to believe that Nintendo of America intends not to offer this possibility to its buyers.

On a more personal level, I’ve been wondering whether or not to replace my three 3DS’s. I know what the new model offers; a more stable 3D effect, a C-stick that makes the use of the Circle Pad Pro obsolete, a built in NFC for the Amiibo that you want to use in your game. Plus I’ve read that games such as Super Smash Bros and Monster Hunter 4 are straining the current 3DS, problems like not being able to go into MiiVerse while running these games and reboots of the console when it’s closed running these games. And the new Xenoblade is said to be playable on the New 3DS only. But these aren’t the games I will be playing. I hardly ever use 3D, plus I have yet to find the game for me that uses an Amiibo. So it won’t be an instant buy for me, which is rare, as in the past I always got the newest device on release day. I will get around to replacing my American 3DS eventually though, as that one is played most and is showing some wear and tear.

And what about you, will you be replacing your current 3DS on day one?


  1. I have my Majora’s Mask New 3DS XL preordered! I will be upgrading my standard New 3DS XL. My favourite 3DS XL was my gold Zelda one and I am so happy to soon have a gold Zelda edition back as my main console. And I even though I really like my pink Mario Bros themed face plates on my Japanese New 3DS I will be getting the new Majora’s Mask Skull Kid face plates. I love the artwork. Hopefully the Australian dollar will improve before America gets an exclusive New 3DS XL so my wallet can take a breather. I am hurting for the games I am missing from that region.

    1. Lol, I can clearly see why your wallet could use a breather! I’ve only had my Japanese LL since April 2014, so too soon to replace. And I hardly use the European one at the moment. The only one I would replace for now is the American one. I use it most and it has some scratches. I will replace it when I go to America next time, much easier then having it shipped!

  2. I have preordered a European black New 3DS XL alongside Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate and Legend of Zelda Majora’s Mask 3D.

    I already own a Japanese New 3DS LL and I have to say it’s really nice.
    The build quality is better, the screen is more vibrant and the 3D effect is well improved over the old model. There are also lots of smaller modifications that I like.

    I’m looking forward to hear more about exclusive content, making use of the systems improved power like Xenoblade Chronicles.

    1. So you have some specific game experiences with it, like Smash Bros and MH 4? I’m glad to hear though that it really is worth it’s money, and that it’s not just a cosmetic refurbishment.

      1. I was a bit sceptical at first, but the New 3DS series was announced at the time I was thinking about buying a Japanese 3DS anyway, so I figured I would wait for its release.
        That was probably the main reason to get one.

        It’s not a must have at all costs upgrade in my opinion right now, but the many small (and some bigger) improvements certainly add up and make it feel more like a modern device rather than a toy.
        I think it would be best described as 3DS Mk 1.5.

        The second stick is useful, but it needs some getting used to since it doesn’t move.
        Definitely makes it easier to adjust the camera more freely in supported games, like Monster Hunter, Resident Evil or E.X. Troopers.

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