The Return Road: Update #4

It’s time again for another walk down my Return Road. Since completing Crash Bandicoot 2, I was to finish the trilogy and move on again to another game from within my back catalogue. Since then, I have indeed finished Crash 3. While playing I also downloaded Dragon Ball Fighter Z and also chose to move onto Hyrule Warriors!

Finishing Crash

Like the first 2 games, Crash Bandicoot 3: Warped is a challenging run across many levels and fights against bosses. It may just be my experience with the formula, but I found the third game the easiest of the bunch. Still tricky in places, but the challenge of collecting all the boxes, finding secret paths and gems was certainly simpler. Not that I’m complaining either as I managed to steadily breeze through the story before getting too frustrated which is what happened initially with the earlier titles.

Atop the more pleasing difficulty level, there are also the stages that require flying a plane or driving a motorbike which I thoroughly enjoyed. Though I still prefer the design choices and challenge of the original Crash, I’d say the third game is most certainly a close second. The value for money with the trilogy is well worth it, and even if you haven’t played Crash before there’s no better time to adopt the comical yet challenging platformers.

Revisiting Hyrule

Hyrule Warriors isn’t my first stop to Hyrule during this feature. For those unfamiliar, Hyrule Warriors borrows characters and settings from the Zelda series and wraps it around the well established Dynasty Warriors combat and gameplay formula. Originally released on Wii U and eventually 3DS, the Switch version contains all original and bonus DLC content in one place. I personally find this fast paced, action orientated game a huge breath of fresh air to the often slower Zelda gameplay.

My original goal at this stop was to simply complete the main story campaign. I was part way through the additional Wind Waker segment, so I wound up with only 3 campaigns to clear. Now that that’s done, I plan to stick around awhile to dabble with some of the other facets of the game. There is still Adventure Mode where you choose tiles from a map that mirrors the overworld from the original Zelda. Each tile is a campaign with its own rules and outline, upon completion of which you can earn weapons and materials which I believe are different than to those found in Story Mode.

There are LOADS of characters in the game as well who can level up and wield a variety of weapons which can also be improved. As well as Story and Adventure, there are even more modes that provide various other challenges. I’ll be happily plugging away at those until I’m ready to move on again to my next stop.

What Lies Beyond?

My next destination will be Super Mario Odyssey as I return to collect the rest of the Power Moons from my original save. I had collected a whole bunch, but there are still a few hidden in each stage and the particularly difficult challenges unlocked at the end of the game for me to still complete. Alongside this as well as Hyrule Warriors, I will be continuing to play Dragon Ball Fighter Z. I will most likely draft up a review for Dragon Ball at some point in the future for those of you, like me, who may wish to adopt it despite being released last year.

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