The Return Road: Update #5

Hi all, I have been putting off this feature until I moved onto a new game but alas I still remain in a similar position. When it comes to my Switch I am still dabbling with Hyrule Warriors, Dragon Ball Fighter Z alongside my review titles. But since then I have diverged off into unplanned territory, let me explain…

Sonic Speeds In

I recently built a new PC from scratch since my old one was beginning to let us down more and more frequently. It has long been a personal goal of mine to self-build so I took the opportunity to make a modestly powerful machine for gaming but on a budget. The result has been a punchy package that plays most games consistently well, but will require an update within the next year or so to future-proof it against constantly evolving gaming demands. I chose a good motherboard and CPU so only the Graphics Card and Memory will need a boost.

Anyway, with this upgrade came the temptation to visit and revisit games from my Steam library which is unashamedly full of Sonic The Hedgehog games. I’m a huge fan of the series, and despite their shortcomings my heart loyally favours the Dreamcast/Game Cube era. In the last week I have replayed Sonic Adventure 1, 2 and also Generations, though the latter was actually released in 2013. It is always a pleasant, nostalgic experience playing them and this time it was no different. They join my extensive list of games I would love to see remade/released on Switch.

I also played Tony Hawks Pro Skater HD, a remaster of stages from the early Tony Hawks skateboarding games. I really enjoyed those games, but this remaster really justifies the developers decision to pull it from all online stores. The music is as amazing as ever but the graphics and physics really let down what should have been a joyful revisit to the series very favourable heyday. A real shame…

An Extended Stay In Hyrule

My time with Hyrule Warriors continues with my desire to unlock the remaining characters, weapons and artwork via the Adventure maps and remaining Skulltulas. I have made some headway with this, but there remains a plethora of challenges between me and fully completing my goals. Once I again have a slower stream of games I may have to break from Hyrule Warriors and perhaps switch forward to Super Mario Odyssey so I have more to write about haha

With Dragon Ball, my game time continues to focus on tightening my skills using the single player mode before I dare venture online against the dedicated and thriving online community. I am also briefly returning to Splatoon 2 to compete in the Final Splatfest, a previously regular event where players would choose a side, aligning with the games two titular host characters and battle it out online to settle which side is superior. This time it is the rather hyperbolical decision between Chaos and Order. I have opted to join Team Order because it aligns with my preferred host character, Marina. Splatoon continues to be a fun yet challenging shooter and I am pleased to see this modern IP of Nintendo still doing so well and maintaining popularity.

That’s all for now, thanks for keeping up with me thus far!

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