The Sims Mobile is coming

What a coincidence, this week I wrote an article about the best real life simulation games on the go. An article to whet the appetite of gamers who might be new to gaming because they started gaming life on their mobile device. (Find the article The best Real Life Simulation games for handheld here) Of course, the Sims was one of the games mentioned, although I was always told the PC game was way better then any of the ones on handheld devices.

You see, I never was able to get into Sims games, even though I did try the Sims Freestyle and the Sims 2 on the DS. Still, as a big fan of simulation games I do recognise that for many people this series is of the best examples of the genre. I always had trouble controlling the Sim people, and felt slightly annoyed that they couldn’t even go to the bathroom without my help. I mean, can you imagine making you Animal Crossing Villagers go to the loo?

The Sims Mobile, fun simulation game, ladiesgamers.comAnyway, today I read that a new official the Sims game is coming to mobile. And this isn’t a weak rehash of the existing game on PC. No, EA promises us a brand new game coming to iOS and Android later this year. It is inspired by The Sims 4 Legacy Challenge, but to be honest, I’d had to ask my daughter just exactly what this means.

Collecting Heirlooms like in a real family

It means that it is your goal in the game to keep a successful Sim family going for multiple generations, making your own veritable family tree. Meanwhile, you collect items called Heirlooms, which grant bonuses that will later allow the family members to achieve Life Goals more easily.The Sims Mobile, fun simulation game,

There’s a lot of customisation going on, which I know my daughter will absolutely love. You’ll have most options that other Sims games have, like building houses, making friends (and enemies) and life their life with them. And I must say I really like the idea of building a family tree. In the trailer I saw little MySims character appear. Now I did play those games, and they sure bring back good memories.

The Sims Mobile, fun simulation game,

Soft launch of the game in Brazil

The Sims wouldn’t be The Sims if there wasn’t social interaction with real life friends too, which will make it extra fun. It’s always better to play together with friends. EA has the game in the Brazilian online stores as a sort of test run and it’s expected that more countries will get a soft launch soon. Hopefully the worldwide release isn’t far away.

I find myself really looking forward to this mobile game, it might just be the right one for me to dive into the world of the Sims. Check out the trailer below, see what you think!


  1. I’ve played the PC versions before and always enjoyed them but the customization was a big part of that. The versions on the DS and iOS though were always much more limited in scope and I quickly lost interest. This new one sounds intriguing though so I will likely give it a shot.

    1. I never played the PC versions. but my daughter has loved them for years. This one might be interesting to put on my phone for my daily commute! I wonder, did you accidentally let one of your Sims die too, like happened to my daughter when hers was trapped in a pool?

  2. I have played the Sims on the PC. Whenever I tried it on another platform it wasn’t as well done just as David expressed. It’s such a fun game and one of the few games I have a love/hate relationship with ha ha! I had a Sim that died in a kitchen fire! Then weirdly the grim reaper came and I played some game with him. I won somehow and the Sim became a zombie. This mobile app version looks nice, but I don’t feel like wiping everything from my phone to make room for it.

    1. Haha, so you created a Zombie there! Scary! Would you have to make room on your phone?
      It’s a game that always sounded so intriguing but I never could get into it. But I will surely try this one though, I’ll keep you all posted!

  3. It looks kinda like the console versions where they had a story to progress through all the careers and such but as you said with the legacy challenge. It looks really cool, I won’t be able to play it because my phone is terrible but still.

    1. A pity, about your phone. Still, I’m glad you recognize something of the PC game, as I’m no expert. I do feel it looks very good though!

  4. Interesting! I love the Sims games, though I never seemed to make it very far in any of them. I’ve never played the Sims 4 though! I wonder how much it will cost?

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