The Story of Sendar Farm in its second Season

Since last Wednesday I’ve been having fun on my new farm in Story of Seasons. I’ve written a couple of times about this successor to Harvest Moon A New Beginning, and I was very curious to see what the game would be like. The fact that upon downloading it, the eShop told me that it might take longer then usual to download due to the size of the file made me even more curious: how much content have they managed to squeeze into the game?

SoS, Eda, Oak tree, sunny hill, story of seasons,My Sendar Farm is in its second season now, Summer has just begun. I’ve been learning new things in the game, and I’ve been getting re-acquainted with features I already knew from ANB. This time my character YvoCar is not suffering from memory loss, but she aplied to start a new life in a new town by working on a derelict farm. She didn’t have to pay for the farm at all, she was just chosen out of all the applicants because of her love of the land. That’s my girl! When she arrived in Oak Tree Town, she was met by Veronica, who runs the town. An elegant lady, a sort of school headmistress type, kind but firm. My little YvoCar was happy that soon though she was gently taken by the hand by her elderly farming neighbor, Eda. A very different type from Veronica, and a little old lady that you cannot help but love. In a week of internship Eda showed YvoCar how to plant and water crops, take care of animals, and various other tidbits that makes life easier at Oak Tree Town. After that she was in her own, trying to run Sendaria Farm.

The week of internship can be a bit boring if you’re an old hand at Harvest Moon games, but you will find some surprises. Like the way you can till and water your land. You don’t have to start out doing that square by square, but you work in 9 squares immediately. Much better! And harvesting crops is a press of a button for all 9 squares. A nice addition to the game is swimming. YvoCar can dive like a pro, and I was pleasantly surprised at all the has brought up to the surface already. Like in ANB it’s a good idea to save all materials you will find in the wild: keep all twigs and pebbles, because you will need them soon. The carpenter offers to make some renovations on the farm and build a barn in the process if you give him 15 stones and 15 small lumber. And you can make them out of the twigs and pebbles. After he’s done his work, you are really underway. You have the designing and editing feature back, I so loved that in ANB!

Farm rival, renting, harvest moon,Veronica, guild,As I said, I’ve played 30 game days now. And I must say, the game keeps adding, and I haven’t unlocked it all yet. I’ve unlocked Streetpass (but living in Europe, there’s little chance for me to get any hits anytime soon, as the game is only released in the US) and I’ve unlocked multiplayer. I’m not impressed by that yet though. You do see the farm you visit and there’s the possibility of chatting with your host. But all you can do is wave a magic wand to up the quality of crops and animals. You and your host do exchange gifts, which can be a nice feature when you wifi with friends. Another new addition is renting fields: you’re in competition with the other farmers for the best fields available. The trade depot is new too, but mine is still a very quiet affair, with only one stall there from time to time. Which reminds me: you cannot ship from your farm anymore, only through the trade depot!

Well, enough for now, just a tip if you are playing the game: you can buy the blueprint for a pitchfork at the stall of the Silk Country. My cow is very glad about that too, as her barn is getting dirtier everyday. And when you dive into the river close to town at Piedmont, you can dive under the bridge and swim to the other side too!


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