The Streetpass tale of Martinus

Two weeks ago I told you about the my Streetpass meeting with Star Trek fan Martinus. I promised you I’d keep you updated, right, if we should meet again?

Well, we did, just last Thursday! So our Star Trek tale is still boldly going where no one has gone before. I’d written to him Nuclear Wessels, as a reference to the movie The Voyage Home, where Russian Checkov asks directions of the San Francisco police officers. Remember (article here)?

Martinus was true to form, he answered:”Hello, computer!”

Scotty, Star Trek, the voyage homeJust for the non Star Trek Fans: the crew of the Enterprise is back on earth of the past, and Scotty is tasked with building a whale tank on the ship. He and Bones are trying to get an equivalent for Transparent Aluminum without paying for it, but that hasn’t been invented yet. Scotty decides to give the formula to the guy in the middle, and when he wants to put it on the computer screen, he picks up the computer mouse and says “Hello computer”. Well, this being 1984 the computer doesn’t answer of course! No one had even heard of Siri back then!

The line I gave back to Martinus? It’s this: “There be whales here!”  Great actor, James Doohan! Scotty, star trek


    1. No I don’t. Because I travel the same route a couple of days a week I do have more people that I’ve met more then once, but he’s the only one who reacted to the Star Trek line!

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